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    The Nebraska Fish and Game Associate (NEFGA) forum was created for the use of the outdoor enthusiasts who participate in outdoor activities in Nebraska. As such, we have an interest in making sure that all who participate can do so in an environment that is conducive to education, encourages leadership in conservation and stewardship, and promotes brotherhood among the outdoors men and women who use this site. As such, there are several guidelines that are in place to ensure that your online experience adheres to the above goals.

    Keep it Civil - One thing that we all have in common is the outdoors, another thing that we have in common is that we tend to disagree. Just because someone differs from you in your catch and release philosophy, faith, political ideology, or particular viewpoint does not negate their opinion, or give anyone the right to harass, belittle, or insult that person or their integrity. Keep any criticism or discussion to the issues, not the person. We do not allow bashing/badmouthing of any person, NEFGA member, , business, organization, state or federal government entities or employees of the entities, public officials, or anyone else for that matter. Generalizing about a race, group of outdoorsmen, entire political party, political ideology, religion or denomination does little to advance your argument and will likely cause insult to the casual reader who is not even taking part in the discussion.All forums, topics, threads and posts will be family friendly. Profanity and adult content will not be tolerated.

    Direct threats to another forum member, (veiled or otherwise) will result in the permanent ban of the person or persons who made the threat. No exceptions.

    Public threads and posts that attack forum members, or others, and material that, in any way, reflects poorly upon or discredits the forum, including public protests or rants related to administrative decisions, will not be tolerated in the general forum area.

    Avoid misunderstandings! Use smilies! Also, when reading posts, do not ignore the smilies! Do not use the forum to post a flame response for something that offended you. Use the private message system to ask the original poster to remove the content. You also have the option of reporting the post to the Moderators.

    Make sure your grammar and spelling are understandable. You don't have to be perfect, but it helps when you make your posts as clear as possible.

    Don't post or respond to flame bait or trolls. (These are topics and/or questions in threads designed to create controversy for controversy's sake).

    Individuals joining the forum simply to spam or disrupt the forum will be immediately banned without any warning. You don't see such stuff on this forum because our list of folks banned for such activity is quite lengthy. Try it and you will be joining them very quickly. The NEFGA staff has the right to determine what is considered spam.

    Political topics that are outdoor related should be posted in their corresponding area. For instance, fishing related topics in the fishing forum. Hunting topics in the hunting forum, etc. However, this is an outdoors forum, and as such, political topics that are national in scope (and do not relate to appropriate outdoor related themes), highly partisan, and inflammatory, are not welcome on the forum. There are other more appropriate places to discuss these issues. Please discuss them there, and then return here to talk about hunting and fishing. A thread that is posted that fits the above definition will be locked. Continuing to post topics of this sort will result in warnings, infractions, or bannings.

    Pages linked to outside websites from the threads and posts in the forum that do not meet these same guidelines will likewise not be tolerated. Solicitation of forum members for the benefit of competing sites/forums is prohibited. ie using the NEFGA forums for the expressed purpose of recruiting members.

    Respect the privacy of others. Also, keep personal conversations and correspondences (e.g. e-mail, IMs, PMs, etc...) private unless you have permission from your correspondent.

    Advertising of any kind is NOT permitted in any of the forum discussion areas. However, we do have sponsors for our forum. Sponsors are allowed to advertise in discussion areas with some restrictions. We have provided a number of options for appropriate personal/private advertising in the forum including a free buy/sell area and classified ads. Each of those areas have their own guidelines for posting as well, so please read them carefully.

    Reviews of a particular product or business' are allowed and encouraged. Sharing your experience with a company or product can be very valuable to our members. However, if a member is deemed to be abusing "review" posts for the purpose of advertising or promoting of said company or product, appropriate action will be taken unless that business is a NEFGA sponsor. Feel free to leave negative reviews. However, do not use it as an opportunity to badmouth a business. Allow the business a chance to make things right with you before posting the negative review. Sometimes things happen that are out of their control or simply an innocent owners are human too.

    Use the "Search" button feature we have so thoughtfully provided for you. Please use the search feature if you come to the forum with a question, especially if it is of a general nature. Chances are there is a good thread out there with lots of answers for you that you can join in on. This keeps the forum well organized, easy to use and very useful for the folks that follow after you. If you can't find a topic addressing what you need, by all means, please start your own. You are probably going to help many more people than yourself by asking a good question and that's what we want. Our motto should probably be "We know there is much more to know than the much we know".

    Make sure you completely read the post you're responding to; otherwise you could end up addressing something completely different.

    Try to keep initial posts in the right area. It saves time and clarifies what your post is about. Stay on topic within a thread. If you wish to discuss a matter that is not directly related to the current thread's subject matter, create a new thread. Again, the more organized we keep the forum as to topic, the more useful it will be for everyone.

    If you have any questions about the appropriateness of any material before you post it, please get in touch with a forum staff member or use the Report Button.

    Personal and business contact information is not allowed anywhere on the forum. This includes phone number, address, email, etc. This rule does not apply to sponsors.

    -Member Names, Avatars, Signature Lines, and Personal Profile Content Guidelines

    All Member Names, Avatars, Signature Lines, Status Messages, and Personal Profile Content must be family friendly.

    Profanity, adult content, obscene photos, inflammatory or rude comments, and any other content that is deemed detrimental to the state of the forum will not be tolerated.

    Avatars, signature lines, status messages, and personal profile content may not be used to advertise or otherwise promote a business, product, website, or organization, unless said business is a NEFGA sponsor.

    Member Names, avatars, signature lines, status messages, and personal profile content MAY include content that promotes non-profit organizations, charitable organizations, outdoor related clubs, personal blogs, hobbies, and organizations as approved by the NEFGA administration.

    Avatars and signature lines will not have contents that are political in nature.

    Only one account per person. Multiple accounts are not allowed.

    Signatures must follow all forum guidelines.


    Show us what you are doing this season!! Yes, show us the big ones (and not so big ones) and share the tales of your daring-do afield and on the water. Brag a little, and likewise find much appreciation in the sport of others.

    Photos posted on the NEFGA, both within the general forum and personal photo galleries hosted on the NEFGA website, including galleries set to private, must be family friendly.

    Pictures posted should also be related to the discussion at hand. "Trophy" pictures and other material is perfectly acceptable as long as it depicts a subject and accompanies a post in such a way that reflects what any hunter or fisherman might expect to see in the course of any normal season.

    Pictures will not contain images that are political in nature.

    Pictures will follow all forum guidelines.

    -New Users

    Forum members have access to all general forum areas and services upon registering for their FREE membership.

    However, in an effort to dissuade the growing number of folks who sign up on popular forums like this to advertise or otherwise post material that has no benefit or interest to the forum, new members are required to make 10 posts to the forum before they may post their pictures to any of the forum discussion areas.

    Members are NOT allowed to "power post" simply to increase their number of posts. These types of posts will be removed and could result in a member receiving an infraction or banning.


    If you have any questions about the appropriateness of any material before you post it, please get in touch with a forum staff member. Forum staff members will have either Moderator, or Director, under their user name.

    If you ever have technical problems with the forum and cannot log on or reach us through the forum, please drop an email to and include your forum screen name and we'll do what we can to resolve the issue.

    -Warnings, Infractions, and Banning

    If you post something found that is unacceptable or in violation of the above stated guidelines, forum staff will take corrective action up to and including deleting your post and banning you from the forum.

    You will be PM'ed regarding any action taken on your thread or post.

    The Directors and Moderators reserve the right at any time to immediately ban, suspend or issue infractions to anyone deemed to have exhibited any behavior that clearly exhibits a deliberate intent in a post or thread to disrupt, discredit or harm the forum in any way.

    Having three infractions at any one time will result in banning from the forum. The third infraction earned results in immediate banning. We do not manually keep track of how many infractions each member has. The system software does, therefore, automatically bans the user upon receiving the third infraction.

    Each infraction lasts for 60 days. Each infraction will automatically be erased at the end of 60 days. Our forum software manages the infractions for us.

    For example:

    Get an infraction on 1 August. You now have 1 infraction against you.
    Stay clean til 1 October, you now have 0 infractions against you.

    Another example:

    Get an infraction on 1 August. You now have 1 infraction against you.
    Get an infraction on 1 September, you now have 2 infractions against you.
    Stay clean til 1 November, you now have 1 infraction against you.

    Another example:

    Get an infraction on 1 August. You now have 1 infractions against you.
    Get an infraction on 1 September, you now have 2 infractions against you.
    Get an infraction on 1 October, you are banned.

    The above warning system is for folks engaged in the legitimate business of the forum who might step over the line as we all might be prone to do from time to time and is designed to improve the forum. If the forum Moderators feel the forum is best improved by taking other action in regard to a member, that action will be taken.

    If you have any problems or concerns please begin by seeking the help of one of the Moderators via PM. That's the reason we've assembled the great staff of Moderators we have. Any problems or concerns addressed to the Directors will be forwarded to the Moderation Staff.

    Once you are banned, you will not be allowed back unless the staff determines it is acceptable to lift the ban. Once you are banned, you are not allowed to rejoin under a different account. We are banning the person and the account. One is not exclusive over the other.

    Above all make sure to have fun and show us those fish and game!!

    NEFGA Staff:

    Board of Directors

    Membership Services Division

    Finance Division

    Products and Projects Division

    If you ever have technical problems with the forum and cannot log on or reach us through the forum, please drop an email to and include your forum screen name and we'll do what we can to resolve the issue.

    Thank you for making your Nebraska hunting, fishing and outdoor home on the web!

    All messages express the views of the author. NEFGA will not be held responsible for the content of any message.
    NEFGA staff reserves the right to use, remove, or edit any content at any time for any reason. The staff also reserves the right to ban any person/account at anytime for any reason.
    The use of software, applications, or any device designed to mask a users I.P. address is prohibited. Any account that uses masking software/devices can be banned.

    These guidelines may be subject to change without warning. It is the responsibility of each user to check our guidelines before logging in and using our forum. If, at any time, a user does not agree to the guidelines, they are asked to remove their account. We will be happy to assist with that process..
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