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NEFGA 2018 Annual Donation Drive!

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    NEFGA 2018 Annual Donation Drive!

    NEFGA Friends,

    We had another great year in 2017. We did so well, that we gained 680 new members for a total of 7624 members!! We have already gained 50+ this year! We are on track to beat those numbers in 2018. We also had the honor of reaching our 11th Anniversary in 2017. That is quite an accomplishment, and we would never have been able to do it without YOUR support!! We had great success with our events last year along with supporting events of other groups who we feel share the same values as we do here at NEFGA. We are praying for an even better 2018. With your support, we can make that happen!

    The NEFGA 2018 Donation Drive
    Have you seen our mission statement: “Connecting Nebraska's outdoors enthusiasts through community, involvement, and education in a way that ensures outstanding angling and hunting opportunities for today and future generations”? We use this statement to dictate how we operate, but who is NEFGA, really? We are an online forum that has been running strong for 10 years this coming August. We are a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Does this really explain who we are?

    “Community” is who we are. “Education” is what we do. “Involvement” is how we do it.

    NEFGA is operated by a group of average people who work average jobs with average lives. We volunteer our own time with no income or reimbursement. There is often great sacrifice on a personal and financial level. Our friends and families sacrifice along with us because they understand the level of dedication it takes to make NEFGA successful. We rarely ask for much and we are very appreciative when we do receive support.

    We sacrifice to support many organizations in Nebraska. We work hard to provide our community a place to ask questions, give advice, and share stories. We work hard to improve the quality of other’s outdoor pursuits. We work hard to introduce people, especially young children, to outdoor activities in the field and on the water. Why do we give so much and yet ask so little? Because it’s our passion…our calling in life…it’s what we were meant to do.

    The truth is, no matter how much passion and caring NEFGA has, it’s not enough. There will never be a way for NEFGA to be self-sufficient. There will never be a way for the organization to do everything alone. NEFGA will never be able to succeed without the support of our community.

    Unfortunately, everything costs something. The costs of running an online forum that is free to you, supporting worthy organizations, and helping people along the way can become extensive. This is why NEFGA humbly asks for our community’s financial support.

    Every donation that NEFGA receives is used to continue our mission. Not one penny is paid to our staff as a wage, bonus, or any other form of income. 100% of the donations are used to keep NEFGA operating, to help other organizations with their activities, and to introduce kids and adults alike to the outdoor pursuits we all enjoy.

    Please consider giving a small tax deductible gift today, so that we can move into our eleventh year of community, education and involvement with the hope of many more years to come!

    Please use the Paypal "Donate" button at the top of the main forum page. You will receive a "2018 Supporter" badge, located below your forum name, in exchange for your monetary gift. You may request a donation receipt for your contribution. Send me, or another Director, a PM to have one mailed to you.

    If anyone wishes to send money via snail mail our address is:

    PO Box 1583
    Kearney, NE 68848


    a side note:
    Our goal this year will be $3000.00. We will manually update our goal progress on the main forum page.

    We will be manually adding supporter badges to you, so please be patient. We match the email used for the donation with the emails registered on our forum. In the event that your donation email address does not match your account address, we ask that you include your forum name as a side note on the donation. We can also contact you, through the email that was used for Paypal, to ask who you are on the forum. We will add the supporter badges as quickly as possible, but it may take us a day or two to get those posted. Please send me a PM if you have not received your supporter badge within a couple of days. I will be happy to add it for you.
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