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    Forum Guidelines

    The Nebraska Fish and Game Association (NEFGA) Forum was created for the use of outdoor enthusiasts in Nebraska. We strive to maintain an environment that is conducive to education, encourages leadership in conservation and stewardship, and promotes comradery among the outdoors men and women that use this forum. As such, we have created forum guidelines to ensure your online experience adheres to the above goals.

    Forum Guidelines:

    *Only one account is allowed per person.

    *Please keep all posts respectful towards EVERYONE! Generalizing about race, political party, political ideology, religion or denomination is discouraged and may be removed. Name calling, insulting, or belittling anyone is not allowed.

    *Direct threats to another forum member, (veiled or otherwise) will result in the permanent ban of the member or members who made the threat.

    *All content on the forum must be family friendly. Profanity and adult content will not be tolerated. Links and images to inappropriate sites will be removed.

    *Public protests or rants, related to administrative decisions, will not be tolerated.

    *Do not respond to any content that is designed to disrupt the forum. Please report this type of content to the forum Moderators.

    ​​​​​*If you feel content on the forum is in violation of forum guidelines, do not respond to it. Report the content, or message the Forum Moderators.

    *Individuals joining for the purpose of disrupting the forum will be immediately banned without warning.

    *Political topics are allowed if they are outdoor related, and if they do not disrupt the forum.

    *Solicitation of competing websites, social media, or forums is prohibited.

    *All private messages and private conversations must remain private.

    *Advertising of any business is NOT permitted. This does not apply to approved sponsors.

    *Personal and business contact information (phone number, email) is not allowed anywhere on the forum. This rule does not apply to approved sponsors.

    *Reviews of outdoor products or businesses are allowed. Reviews must be constructive not destructive.

    *Keep all posts and topics in the relevant forums.

    Infractions and Banning:

    *Content that is in violation of the guidelines will be removed. You will be contacted regarding any action taken.

    *We may issue infractions for guideline violations. Infractions DO NOT EXPIRE! 1 infraction = 2 week ban. 2 infractions = 1 month ban. 3 infractions = permanent ban. We do not ban accounts. We ban people. Do not make a new account if your are banned.

    All content solely expresses the views of the original poster. NEFGA will not be responsible for any content posted. The NEFGA staff reserves the right to use, remove, or edit any content at any time for any reason. The staff also reserves the right to ban any person or account at anytime for any reason. The use of software, applications, or any device designed to mask a users IP address is prohibited. Any account that uses masking software or devices can be banned. These guidelines may be subject to change without warning. It is the responsibility of each user to check our guidelines before logging in and using our forum. If, at any time, a user does not agree to the guidelines, they are asked to remove their account. We can assist with that process.
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    UPDATED Forum Guidelines
    User Guidelines - Revised 10/2/2009

    The Nebraska Fish and Game Associate (NEFGA) website and forum were created for the use of the outdoor enthusiasts who participate in outdoor activities in Nebraska. As such, we have an interest in making sure that all who participate can do so in an environment that is conducive to education, encourages leadership in conservation and stewardship, and promotes brotherhood among the outdoors men and women who use this site.

    As such, there are several guidelines that are in place to ensure that your online experience adheres to the above goals. ...
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    Forum User Guidelines - Updated 10/12/2007
    User Guidelines - Revised 10/12/2007

    We would love to have you as a member to join the many discussions on our forum. Please read the below rules and guidelines before posting to the forum at

    Thank you.
    1. Please think before you type. This is a forum for discussion of topics to serve the need of sharing experiences and knowledge and mutual assistance. The forum is NOT a debating society for the winning of any kind of prize from forum staff or its members.
    2. All forums, topics, threads and posts will adhere to
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