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    Notice to NEFGA members

    Hello fellow NEFGA members,

    We have a great community with a lot of great members. We appreciate each and every one of you. However, on occasion, some of us get a little carried away with ourselves. In years past, our Moderators have been accused of "over moderating" the forum. In the past two years, they have tried their best to avoid over moderating. I believe they have done a great job. However, the downside to that is we have been seeing way too many complaints, arguments, badmouthing, and disrespect on the forum for quite some time. It has become out of hand for what we want as a culture here on our forum.

    I have instructed the Moderation team to start enforcing more moderation when there is a clear violation of our guidelines. We have an infraction system for violations. We don't like using that system, but we will be utilizing it more starting now. You can read about the infraction system and how that works in our forum guidelines. I suggest everyone takes a few minutes to read those guidelines.

    With that being said, I am giving everyone fair warning...
    We will no longer allow bashing/badmouthing of any person, NEFGA member, business, organization, state or federal government entities or employees of the entities, public officials, or anyone else for that matter.
    I have instructed the Moderators to start issuing infractions to anyone who does not follow this rule. This applies to EVERYONE!!!! There will be no more bashing...period!! This also applies to anyone who is responding to posts considered bashing. Report the post to us, don't reply to it. If you can not follow this rule, you will be given infractions. If you earn enough infractions, you are gone!

    I, personally, have become very tired of seeing this type of banter on our forum. I know many others have as well. It's getting old and does nothing to help our forum or members. It stops today. PLEASE report any posts that you see violates our guidelines. We don't have enough staff to watch everything all the time. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

    Use the private message system to hash it out if you can't control your urge to argue or criticize someone. If you receive a private message that offends you, block the sender. Our staff cannot control what is done with the PM system. We can't see what is sent to whom. WE DON'T WANT TO. It's "private". Only the sender and the recipient can see it. ONLY YOU can control your PMs. The moderators cannot do anything about what is sent in PMs. It is simply a "he said/she said" situation. They won't take sides, so you will have to manage it yourself. Here is a link on how to block members if you feel the need.

    We are not stopping anyone from sharing their opinions. If you disagree with something, say so. Im just warning you to be careful. If the moderators feel it's bashing, you will receive an infraction. I have also instructed them not to respond to childish arguments. We get a lot of those from adults. Take the infraction as a learning experience. The staff do not take violations personal. We don't think differently of a member because they earned an infraction. It's nothing more than a tool to keep our forum the way it should be...the way everyone want's it. You shouldn't take infractions as personal. It's part of the business we conduct here. That's it. We aren't insulting anyone, so don't take it as one.

    Feel free to send me a PM if you want to discuss this further. You are welcome to say what you like. I promise you I don't offend easily. I am open to any debate as long as it stays respectful.


    NEFGA on Amazon Smile