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    Vacation Ideas

    Looking for ideas from great forum members around the state. Wife and I are going on vacation the week of the 25th of August. Here is our general route. Will start from Calamus Lake and head north. Travel across north central Nebraska heading east. Will drop down from northeast Nebraska to southeast Nebraska. Any ideas on places along that route? Not afraid to head into South Dakota as well. Just looking for ideas. I know many on here have more knowledge on cool places to see than I do. We kind of like to just take off and see where we end up, but suggestions from you guys will be beneficial. Not fishing, just sight seeing. Any have to see destinations or neat sights is what we are looking for. Thanks in advance!!

    Any winery's or breweries as well. I really want to hit Joe Tess for carp or any fish meal. Would rather spend money with small town communities. Thanks again!!


      Not much on the sight-seeing information. Ponca State Park is a nice place to camp.

      Bob's Bar in Martinsburg has huge burgers and large plates of fries, mushrooms, cheddar balls, etc... for cheap. Not an elegant looking place, but food was cheap and good.

      Never been much of a fan of Joe Tess. Catfish Lake Restaurant in Bellevue has good reports. Or, you can watch raccoons feed right outside your table at Alpine Inn outside of Omaha.

      Ashland has the Glacial Till tasting room on Silver Street (actual vineyard is down by Palmyra) or there is the Cellar 426 vineyard just outside of Ashland on the way to Mahoney State Park.

      As for Breweries, there are quite a few in Omaha

      Doesn't sound like you'll be much near Chadron, but if you were, I'd suggest the Museum of the Fur Trade. Lots of neat history and items to see in there.


        Check out Nebraska Passport.
        Iowa State!



          Keller Park SRA

          Long Pine SRA

          Niobrara State Park

          Gavins Point Dam Visitor's Center

          Ponca State Park

          How far south do you want to go?

          Besides all the sights in Omaha you could head down to Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City. Even farther south to Indian Cave SP.

          Back east to Homestead National Monument

          Rock Creek Station

          My $0.02-worth,

          Daryl B.
          Daryl Bauer
          Fisheries Outreach Program Manager
          Nebraska Game & Parks Commission


            Thanks for all the great suggestions! That is all useful information. It gives us a good starting point to start planning the trip. Keep ideas coming!


              Well if you get to South O you have to go to Joe Tess, pretty close to the zoo if that is an option. Good luck in your travels!
              Keep it safe! JDL


                Springfield just south of west Omaha has Soaring Wings Winery and Brewery. Also on your way through, you could stay at the Lied Lodge in Nebraska City and hit Indian Cave park the next day. That evening, try out the "Glamping" at the Slattery Vintage Estates - Vineyard and Tasting Room. Sounds expensive, but it's not really that bad.
                Mike - LaVista, NE