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Chicken Fried Duck Breast

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    Review Chicken Fried Duck Breast

    Made this tonight and it was pretty good if you are looking for more then one way to cook a duck breast.

    1. Fill a bag with crackers (I used ritz garlic/butter flavor) and crush them with a rolling pin or meat tenderizer hammer until they are all crushed.

    2. Take the duck breasts and hit with meat tenderizer hammer until uniform.

    3. Dip breast in milk/egg batter, toss in crackers, dip back in egg, and then covered back in crackers until well coated.

    4. Place in pan with hot oil, heat is set on medium. Cook for 3-5min, turn and cook 3-5 min until finished to your desire of doneness.

    5. Someone said you can flour to grease to make a gravy, I just heated up a can of country gravy and poured it on the duck and mashed potatoes, really good!
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    That sounds good; now I just need to get out and get some ducks to try it out!
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      Only way I've had duck. Really good!