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Smoked snack sticks?

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    Smoked snack sticks?

    Anyone have any recipes or experience doing smoked snack sticks?
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    Started making my own a few years ago...

    I get the snack stick mix from Frisco Spices (Hobarts) here in Omaha. Give them a call and find out when the next class is for home sausage making. It's free and I learned a lot in that class (4 hours). Some of the best tips of "what not to do" came from this class that I was thinking about doing I have went twice just to pick up things that I didn't at the first class.

    I follow the directions on the back of the bag snack stix mix and they turn out great! Feel free to PM with questions. I am not an expert but have made a lot of smoked snack stix (deer or beef), deer bacon, and breakfast sausage.

    Do you do any of your own processing now?

    It is rewarding to me to produce your own product (especially if others like it)!
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      Jalapeno/Cheese recipe

      I've used this recipe several times, and it's some of the best I've had. Found this on another website, so can't take credit for it, but I love it.

      5 lb. ground venison
      1 lb. ground beef
      2 cups water
      3 Tbsp Mortond Tender Quick (cure)
      2 Tbsp Non Iodized salt (I use Kosher)
      3 Tbsp Course black pepper
      1 Tbsp mustard seed
      1 1/2 tsp. Onion powder
      2 tsp Garlic powder
      4 Tbsp Soy Flour ( don't add to other spices)
      1 cup Jalapeno Peppers (chopped)
      2 cups High temp cheese ( I like pepper jack)

      Mix the 2 meats together. once slightly mixed, add all the spices (not soy flour, peppers or cheese) and water to meat and mix well. Once all that is mixed together, add the soy flour and mix in. Then I add the peppers and mix. Once all that is mixed, I'll add the cheese and gently mix that in. Let cure in fridge for approx. 24 hrs. Then stuff in appropriate casings.

      I use this recipe for snack sticks and summer sausage. I smoke using mixture of hickory and apple woods. I try to keep the smoker around 200 degrees, eventually increasing to 225 until I get internal temp of 160.

      Once done, if doing sticks, I rinse them using cold water, and hang until cool. If doing summer sausage, I fill sink with ice water and soak sausages until temp goes down. I then hang them to let them cool.

      PM me if any ?'s.
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        Bought my son-in-law a smoker for Christmas, will pass on the recipe.
        Do you have a preference for the casing?


          I buy the casings that Bass Pro sells. Think they are made by LEM (collagen). I also buy the snack stick seasoning from Hobarts...pretty good stuff too. They sell casings there also, but I personally don't like them as much as the LEM casings.


            In regards to casings, does anyone have any ideas on how to keep them from shriveling up? I do about the same thing as WeekendWarrior above, but I get the same results. I have had them done before from commercial facilities and they have been full and plump, not shriveled up.

            Any suggestions?


              My casings always shrivel too


                If you finish your cooking process in a hot water bath and then ice water bath when they are done cooking they won't shrivel. We just tried it this weekend and it worked awesome. We processed about 170 lbs of smoked sticks, summer sausage, and polish sausage and finished them all the same way. In the smoker at about 140-150 degrees with dampers wide open for about an hour to dry out the sausage, then heavy apple wood smoke for 1-2 hours. After the meat gets to about 135-140 degrees, we removed it from the smoker and went immediately to two large electric roaster ovens filled with water. We kept the water at about 175 degrees. Normally it would have taken about an extra 2-3 hours for a batch of the sticks to reach 165 degrees but with the water bath it only took about 20-30 minutes to go from 135 to 165 on the sticks. The 2" diameter summer sausage took about 45-60 minutes to finish. The water bath really makes them plump back up as well. As soon as they hit 165-170, they went immediately to an ice water bath to stop the cooking process and stayed there until they were down to 110 degrees or below. From ice water bath to hanging rack to dry at room temperature. Once dry, whatever we didn't happen to eat during sampling is bagged and vacuum sealed and off to the freezer.

                You do lose a little bit of the smoke coloring from the water bath but I didn't notice any significant taste difference. It worked well on natural as well as collagen casings. I always though the edible collagen casings were chewy but the water bath really softened them up. Given the incredible cost difference between the natural and collagen and ease of use, I think we will be going all collagen next year. Sorry I don't have any pictures. Was too busy this weekend to really think about getting pictures of the process.


                  some smokers offer an accessory that pulls the damp air out faster.
                  If you smoke large amounts at a time, these can be beneficial.
                  Good Shootin!!


                    I tried to make some deer snack sticks this past weekend and not sure what to think about them yet. I used the cabelas spicy snack stick recipe and seasoning. When they got done they didn't look anything like weekend warriors does. I did a 20lb deer 5lb pork mix and I'm nervous if there done. The directions say pre heat smoker to 100 then cook for an hour at 100 then turn up to 125 and cook for 5 hours. Next I turned smoker to 170 till it hit that temp then shut off till it cooled. Surly smoking that long they are done right? The casings aren't shriveled up or anything. Some have a dark red tent to them and some don't? This is the first time I've ever made anything like this and I'm curious what everyone else's input on my situation is or if they have done it this way before.


                      It all depends on the internal temperature of the meat. If it reached around the 160 mark you should be ok. If I remember right, the mix you have should have some cure mixed in with the seasonings. Personally, I think you are probably fine. By the time you have the cure/smoke/temp combination, I would guess you'd be OK. Best thing to do is cut one open and check to see the texture of the meat. If it looks is! Make sure to look at the color of the meat. It will probably be a little bit red from the smoke and the cure, but you should be able to tell if its raw.

                      As for the difference in color, I would guess that this is due to having some of them overlap and not having a direct access to the smoke. That being said, I also assume you were using water in the smoker (since the casings aren't shriveled). the water will have a different effect on the color as well.

                      If you are at all concerned, I would do what backstrap suggested and cook them in an electric roaster--in water. If they aren't done, hopefully you kept them cold in the fridge to prevent spoilage.

                      Good luck!


                        Originally posted by Vlasin View Post
                        The directions say pre heat smoker to 100 then cook for an hour at 100 then turn up to 125 and cook for 5 hours. Next I turned smoker to 170 till it hit that temp then shut off till it cooled.
                        Did you let your smoker get to 170 degrees and then turned it off or did you turn the smoker to 170 and leave it at that temp until the internal temperature of the meat get to 170 degrees and then turn it off?

                        If it did not cook through but you kept it cold since then, you should be able to still water cook it and salvage the meat. Nothing you can really do about the color at this point. Like was said, I'm guess you over filled your smoker or had them overlapping and did not get good smoke circulation.
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