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    Opinions Needed Sausage Stuffer

    Looking to upgrade, used a small horn style in the past looking for something that holds around 5-7lbs. Like to spend no more than $150ish. Would like a solid gear driven one. Any suggestions on what to get or not to get.

    I've got a 5lb LEM stuffer that works pretty darn slick, would be better if it was electric, but it does what i need. Snack sticks, breakfast links, and summer sausage are super easy with it. I also got the 20# meat mixer and that definitely helps the consistency of cure/flavor throughout. For the 2 deer a year I do my setup is just right.

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      Thanks, I have been looking and kind of narrowed it down to the LEM and cabela's.

    • 10_point_buck
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      I have used a lot of LEM equipment. The only reason I'd shy away is that Cabela's offers a "lifetime guarantee" for anything in their Cabela's brand. Now, I don't know what that means exactly, but I'd check into it.