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Pond Tools, Resources, Articles, and Studies

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    Pond Tools, Resources, Articles, and Studies

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    Pond Boss
    - The nation's leading pond professionals!

    Nebraska Pond Management - 96 pages resource from NGPC, consisting of five chapters that provide information on pond construction, environmental modifications, stocking, management, and potential maintenance problems. Excellent!

    Google Planimeter - compute area, measure distances.

    Aquaplant was developed and designed to help pond owners and their advisors with identification and management of aquatic vegetation.

    The best places to start if you wish to build a pond is with your local NRD and NRCS office. They will be able to help determine the feasibility and help with the logistics of building a pond. If they determine it would be useful to prevent erosion, flooding, or improve water quality you can get cost-share as well. Just don't expect a lot of plans to be approved as most people try to build a pond where there just isn't enough runoff to justify one. They can also help on the TA (technical assistance) and design it for you so that it meets their quality requirements. This can be a huge money saver just in itself. As always be sure to check all local, state, and federal laws/agencies before building anything in a waterway to insure compliance with the law. There are laws that most people are not aware of that you don't want to be pleading ignorance to after the fact.