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    Welcome and Overview

    Welcome to the Nebraska Pond Management Forum!

    NEFGA is pleased to offer this new forum focused on the management of private ponds across Nebraska. The intent is to create an online home for Nebraskans to discuss all issues related to pond management. We will consider ponds to be 10 acres and under - but we're not overly concerned with definitions.

    Feel free to ask questions about ponds you manage or ponds where you enjoy fishing privileges.

    If you manage a pond in Nebraska, I encourage you to post an ongoing thread that keeps us up to date on what you are doing and how it is working.

    If you catch great fish at a private pond, share the pictures with us and tell us why you think the fishery is working so well.

    Nebraska is full of private ponds - this forum is dedicated to understanding, appreciating, and improving those fisheries.

    Enjoy the fishing! M_fish_boat:

    PS - If you have suggestions or ideas for improving this new forum, post them here.

    From Daryl...

    For now, I have not seen a question come up on the pond management forum that is not covered in our pond management handbook. I have already seen that handbook referenced once; please reference it as much as you like!

    Let me add a couple of comments about topics I have already seen. Building a pond? That is thoroughly covered in the pond management handbook.

    Stunted bluegills? That is probably the most common pond management problem, but let me say this. First of all, are the bluegills really stunted? Second of all, why are the stunted? And third of all, depending on management objectives maybe you want stunted bluegills? So you can see the "right answer" to that question, well, "it depends". Giving the best answer may require more information which may necessitate some sampling, age & growth determination, habitat evaluation, etc. Now having said all of that I will say this, if you have stunted bluegills in a pond, assuming water quality and habitat is not a problem, that occurs because you do not have enough largemouth bass--largemouth bass, not pike, not flathead catfish, not wipers, LARGEMOUTH BASS. The solution to that problem requires an understanding of why there are not enough largemouth bass--overharvest? water quality or habitat deficiencies? other?

    Once the bluegills or other panfish/preyfish/rough fish get out of "balance", there may be a lot of things to try to remedy the situation, but ultimately the easiest, surest way may be to eliminate all the "stunted" bluegills. Of course that means eliminating all the fish and starting over.

    My $0.02-worth.

    Daryl Bauer
    Lakes and Reservoirs Program Manager
    Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
    [email protected]

    P.S. feel free to share this message with others.