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15 acre sandpit, stocking question: opinions please

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    15 acre sandpit, stocking question: opinions please

    A landowner that lets me hunt his pond has decided to get back into fishing a bit more now and has asked my opinions on what to put in there. East central Nebraska location, deepest point I have found is near 30 feet, full of shad with good year classes each spring noticed in the past few years. Catfish population is strong, lots of 2-5 lb channels and the occasional flathead and blue with some bigger cats present, typical river fish with carp, buffalo and drum in decent numbers. Some bass, but not many. Shorelines are about 1/3 covered in heavy rock extending into the water, a few blowdown cottonwoods in the water and likely more trees and structure on the bottom of the lake too. Lake is slow to freeze and usually doesn't get very thick, but no real signs of active springs.

    He would like wipers and walleyes, which I think would do fine in there. My biggest question is where you guys would suggest we purchase fish from. I read some past threads, but newer info would be great too. Past experiences and recommendations would be much appreciated. I believe the funds will be available to go with larger stock fish, likely thinking bass, wipers, walleyes and crappies. The place in Valparaiso is the front runner, but I haven't contacted anybody yet. Probably get this going in the next month, thanks in advance for any thoughts or recommendations.
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    Ice perch grabbed by a pike:

    Don't know where to buy from, but that sounds like a fun project! Good luck.
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      Walleyes and wipers are open-water predators. They simply are best-suited to big bodies of water, bodies of water way larger than 15 acres.

      But, if he wants some walleyes and wipers in there, he can have some. Sounds like he has a little bit of everything already. As long as he knows there are never going to be a lot, a few, yes, a chance to catch one now and then, maybe even a big one, yes, but that will be about it, especially for the walleyes. With enough prey/food, the wipers are very adaptable and will do better, but again those are large open-water predators and a 15-acre body of water only has so much room for so many of them.

      Here is a list of all the licensed fish farmers in the state, .

      Good luck,

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      Daryl Bauer
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      Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
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