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  • Need a dredge

    Sand pit is too deep to provide good fish habitat. Much of the lake is 30 plus feet deep. The thought is to pump sand, from the area which is currently out of the water, down to a depth of 10 to 15 feet. Sand removed from that area would be moved to deep water areas to bring the bottom up to about 15 feet. Thus, surface area, amount of shoreline and useful depth would be created where the sand is removed and useful depth would be created where the sand is deposited. Obviously a pretty big project.

    Gravel pit operators don't have smaller dredges that can be moved easily. Does anyone know of a contractor that might be interested in such a job? I've been unable to locate one. The sandpit is located near Norfolk.

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    Pm sent


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      In all seriousness would blasting be an option? It’s used to slough the sides of pits after pumping so if you have straight drops it may be a less costly approach for you.


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        I have considered blasting but think I need to move more sand than that which could be accomplished by blasting. I'm glad for your suggestion because I should investigate how much sand could be moved that way. May need the nuclear option.


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          Did you get my message?


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            yes I did Mntn Man. I responded with pm but must have screwed it up. I'll call.