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Reporting violations

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    Reporting violations

    After the discussion in another thread, I thought maybe this needed posted for all to see again as a reminder, so I'm cross-posting to Fishing/Hunting/Boating.

    Mods, hope this is OK with you.

    The "Who to call when you see a violation thread..." needs a little updating. When I have some spare time (maybe after Labor Day Weekend :D ), I'll see if I can get some of that done.

    First, in an emergency, you can always call 911. They will figure out who to send.

    I would recommend to anyone who frequents a lake and wants to be able to call things in to take some time before there is a problem and locate both the number(s) of their closest CO(s) AND the non-emergency number for their local Sheriff's Office and/or 911 Center. Also keep the Wildlife Crimestoppers number handy: 1-800-742-7627.

    For example, here at Lake Mac, you could keep handy the numbers for COs Fix and Thompson and the non-emergency number for Keith County Communications (284-2011). For B.O. COs Barta, Kramer and Lewton are the go-to people.

    To find CO numbers, the most up-to-date list is here: There is even an option to print one from that page. They are also in the Fishing and Hunting guides and Nebraskaland magazine.

    Do they answer their phones 24/7? Heavens no. They don't work 24/7, get time off just time other real people, and there are still plenty of cell phone dead spots in Nebraska, maybe even in Lancaster County. :D But you can always leave a message AND try another number.

    For your local SO/911 center, consult a phone book (if anyone still has one :D ) or look it up online. For example the non-emergency number for LCSO is 441-6500 (found that here:

    Having the local Park office number is helpful, but they aren't open 24/7 (like a SO/911 Center) and they don't usually have another way to contact the COs other than the same cell phone numbers you can get.

    There is currently no 24-hour dispatch for COs and no statewide radio system. Eventually the COs (and the Boating Officers) will be tied in with the new statewide N-WINS radio system the State Patrol is switching to, but the system isn't up and running statewide yet. Even when it is, it won't be infalliable. The troopers have dead spots with their car radios, so imgaine how many dead spots could exist for a CO walking the wilderness with a portable radio. So for now, cell phones are the primary point of contact for COs.

    Like Daryl says, call and keep calling. It would be nice if there were a perfect statewide system for contacting Conservation Officers, but it just doesn't exist.

    Hope that helps,
    -My computer, my time, my opinions