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Two "No Wake" Levels?

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    Opinions Needed Two "No Wake" Levels?


    I am new to this forum and am currently on the board of our Lake Association in Central Nebraska. We live on a smaller "residential lake" with approximately 45 lot owners. For the last 15+ years, we have had a wake level that is extremely low. (Established before 80% of houses built) We have a drain tube that is 2 foot in diameter and the rule is the water level needs to be below the bottom before the No Wake is pulled. As you can imagine, over the last 10 years, 8 or 9 of them we were not able to go fast on our lake until mid July. Obviously on a drain tube, once its down to 3 inches, there isn't much flow so we pretty much count on evaporation to help. We voted a couple years ago to raise it 3-4 inches, but it got voted down. (Some old timers who don't care to have much fun anymore and claim it damages residence's shores..even though there is only two or three lot owners that don't have sea walls.). It was brought up at our last board meeting that we should look into trying to have 2 levels. One for V bottom/Large Pontoons and one for Jet Ski's. As you are aware, PWC do not leave much wake behind. We want to have the Jet Ski wake level 3 inches higher than the normal level. My question is this... Does anyone live on a lake or know of any where they have 2 wake levels?

    So, when the water is at a certain elevation, you have a no wake restriction, and when it is at a different level there is none? That sounds pretty unique in and of itself!

    Have you spoken to folks at the Nebraska Lakes Association to see if any other non-public lakes have any similar issues? That may be your best avenue.
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      Some... claim it damages residence's shores
      There's no doubt water and wave action has an effect on shorelines.

      Who assumes liability for damage if you change the rules?
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        The lakes here basically just eye ball when to put the no wake signs up and down.

        One lake took the sign down before July 4 weekend so people could use the water over the holiday. Another lake, on the other side of the street, still has their no wake sign up.

        Wakes really do cause some bad erosion, that sand goes to the bottom, and that sediment will need dredged eventually. I've been quoting to have dredge work done. 60-80k is the average price I'm getting and we are only a 17 acre pit.

        PWC still create a decent wake right?

        We are a member of the Nebraska Lake Association. I haven't had much luck getting advice from them. They are supposed to have a forum, but it has never worked when I go to it.


          Sorry, can't help as our lake has only one No Wake measurement. We don't allow any PWC though. As other's have said, Wakes do cause issues, especially with those that don't have sea walls.


            Just for clarity. We all completely agree that wakes cause erosion and can damage property. No debate there. They had a voted upon a specific 'level' 15+ years ago that is measured for when we put up the No Wake sign. (The bottom of drain tube in original OP) When its above that level, No Wake is implemented. When it's below, the No Wake is pulled. The problem is, that level now is so low that it takes a very dry year to get on the lake before July 1. The residences are willing to look at 2 levels. One for Boats and One for Jet Skis. (We're talking a 3" difference) The question is if anyone else has something like this at their lake or have any data that supports Jet Ski's create a smaller wake (where the 3 inches are not going to cause any more damage than the normal level.)