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Replacing VRO, off brand parts

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    Question: Replacing VRO, off brand parts

    Having issues with my VRO pump. Since they run $450 for oem parts, I was going to just put in a fuel pump and premix. But then I found off brand VROs for $170ish on Amazon and EBay. Has anyone used any of these off brand/no name brand parts? I would prefer oem, but just can’t swing that much right now. Thanks for the help.

    I fried a motor cuz mine quit and the alarm didn't go off....I now have a 2000 Johnson 150....(butt kicker by the way)... In my opinion pre mixing is the only way to go on older stuff, and is a guarantee that you are getting oil. Just less to worry about when I want to go my opinion. It ain't running unless it's smokn'


      I'm running a 22 year old Mariner that needed to have the oil tank changed because the magnetic float (that triggers the alarm when the tank goes empty) separated and the magnet sunk to the bottom. When the new tank was installed, the mechanic (I normally do my own work, but the motor was new to me and I didn't have the service manual yet) said to run pre-mixed for one 6-gallon tank worth of motoring in order to make sure the oil pump was primed and functioning.

      Since then, I tend to check the level on the oil tank every couple of trips. She smokes plenty at start-up and when idling. I know my alarm works, but I don't think the alarm will turn on if the pump were to stop working - as far as I know, the only trigger for the alarm is the low oil magnet-float.

      As for after-market oil pumps, I really don't know, but most of the Sierra parts for my Mariner have a little bit different fit than the Mercury Marine parts that I've bought.