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    Question: Honda Propeller

    I have a 25 HP Honda 4-Stroke. Unsure of year (90s), the mechanic I bought it from couldn't narrow down exact year, saltwater had eroded all the serial numbers. Anyway, I need a new prop, the one I pulled of is 3 blade, 9.25" by unknown pitch, and has 10 Splines. All props from Honda with 10 splines have a width of 9-7/8 or 10". and they say 9.25 width is for 15-20HP. Do you think I have a 20 HP or the wrong prop on the 25? Looking online I thought the propeller would be easy to nail down, more options than I ever imagined. I think I know what I need to replace the prop, but if anyone has any suggestions, it'd be greatly appreciated. I also found it interesting that Cabelas doesn't carry a 25 HP Honda prop...

    Cabalas don't carry much of anything! When over to get 4 stroke oil, OH we don't have oil filters! Seems pretty dumb.