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Boat Transfer & Registration Questions

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    Boat Transfer & Registration Questions

    14' 1960 aluminum boat & older trailer w/ separate unattached motor. Boat was untitled when new but has a two letter & five digit (total 7) manufacture/serial number on the hull support bracket. Boat has been owned by the same person with the same numbers since '62. Current tag is good through 2020. The trailer is an older unnamed/untitled trailer. The entire combo is being sold/transferred to a family member.

    1. When the transfer takes place will the bow numbers remain the same or will new numbers be issued?
    2. Will the tag/registration & AIS be valid through 2020 or will the new owners have to purchase new stickers?

    1) If the numbers currently displayed on it meet the current format, the buyers will be able to have the numbers reassigned to them.

    2) Once the boat is sold, the current registration becomes invalid. It would be like leaving your license plates on a car when you sell it. However, the seller can get a refund of the unused portion of their registration, prorated out by the remaining months.

    All this is, of course, assuming it is staying in the same state.

    Since it is a pre-1972, no title is required in Nebraska, but a bill of sale will need to be provided.

    The trailer will be slightly different, since the plates run on a different cycle. They can request to have the same plate number reissued, but that can be trickier, and again, the plates become invalid once the trailer is sold.

    Scott Eveland
    Boating CO, NGPC
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      Since the boat registration is state issued via county and the buyer & seller live in different counties how does the seller request the boat tag refund?

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      County of residency has no bearing on boat registrations, as there are no county specific fees associated with boats. Each county charges the same issuing fee.

      So, the seller should be able to get the refund from their county. Alternatively, the refund request form used to be on the NGPC website, but I cannot find it there anymore. Darlene with the boating program at the Lincoln office can get one for the seller by mail or maybe even email.
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