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    Oak Lake

    On page 21 of the boating guide it lists Oak Lake in the "No boats" section and says "It is unlawful to operate ANY vessel on the following waters".

    To me that means no kayaks. However, the Lincoln Parks and rec website says non-motorized boating is allowed:

    The Lincoln kayak polo website lists it as a place to paddle:

    I've seen it listed other places as well as kayak friendly. I even saw on the news that the Parks and Rec did some kayak event out there the other night.

    Personally, I've never had a desire to kayak on Oak Lake, I'm just really curious if the boating guide is wrong or if all these people are breaking the law. Heck, if that list in the boating guide doesn't apply to kayaks I'm going to get my 4 year old on a kayak and catch some fish at Jenny Newman lake!

    Interesting. It is still written into law (Title 163, Chapter 3, 012.05) that it is closed to "any vessel." Those regulations are for municipalities who wish to prohibit/regulate boating on their bodies of water. So, at some point, Lincoln Parks and Rec must have requested it for inclusion.

    And yes, a kayak is a vessel under state and federal law.

    I will point out the discrepancy to the BLA and LPR so that perhaps they can get it resolved.

    Good catch,
    Scott Eveland, Boating CO NGPC
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