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Invasive species boat permit

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    Invasive species boat permit

    Can someone maybe Scott explained the invasive species boat permit I was reading about. Is this something where game and parks has to do an inspection and is now required that I purchase the permit and have to have it. Basically what I need to know do I have to purchase this and put it on the boat before it can be used.

    It appears you are from Kearney, so probably no additional purchase is required by you. The AIS decals are only required on boats not registered in Nebraska. You pay a $5 fee every three years that is built into your current boat registration when you register in Nebraska. The decal is a Non-Resident AIS stamp.

    There is not an across-the-board inspection required, but AIS techs from NGPC/UNL set up inspections sites at boat ramps at various lakes at various times.

    You can find more info in the 2018 Boating Guide, pages 14 and 15:

    Hope that helps,

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      If I may, let me pile on here with Scott:

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        Would love to see enforcement of AIS sticker requirements. I would guess that 95% of the non-resident boats at Mac are sticker less.


          When a non-resident purchases a sticker, whether it is online or even from a permit vendor or even the visitor's center, they are not provided the sticker on the spot. They receive a temporary paper permit, and the actual decal is mailed from Lincoln.

          The vast majority of the boats you see without stickers visible have a temporary permit on paper or on their device.

          That being said, there are also lots of citations issued for this violation as well. However, as noted on this board before, fine money goes to the school district, not to NGPC or law enforcement.
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            Could the pass booth at Martin Bay check for the stickers and issue one with the parks pass?

            Our school district needs the funds also. lol