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  • Getting Trailer in Garage

    I bought a new boat this month and I love it. It does fit in my garage, however it is a SOB to get in. I have about 1" clearance on each side. I'm not the world's best trailer backer upper and it takes me an embarrassingly large number of tries to get it in. What I have been doing is to put down some sheet metal just outside the garage entrance and grease it up. I can get the trailer tires on that pretty easy and then I get out and push it over to line up perfect.

    Any better ideas out there?

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    I have the same problem. My driveway is uphill and I get blindspots on each side. I am still learning to take my time and not worry about traffic on my street. I have not found an easier way, but I am in the same boat (pun intended) as you. One plus is it makes the boat ramp a piece of cake.


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      I put paint marks on the garage floor approach and try to line up the trailer tires to those. Then I disconnect and push it in by hand. One inch of clearance would be a serious problem with anyone. Don't care how good you get, it just isn't enough. Don't blink.


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        Make the garage bigger.


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          I have about 8 inches of clearance on either side backing up into my garage, and it often takes me several attempts. Once I get in, though, the garage opens up a bit on each side so I don't need to slide the boat around. For winter storage, I put the trailer wheels up on dollies so that I can push the boat into (and out of) a tighter area in the garage and save some space, but putting a boat on dollies during the season isn't very practical.

          Other than installing car-wash style wheel guides and bolting them to the floor in exactly the right spot, I'm not sure what can be done in your situation.

          If you're frustrated with backing it up into the garage, just remember the next time it rains that you can still go fishing 10 minutes after the rain quits in a boat with dry topsides. That will make it easier if nothing else...



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            I have seen people put a receiver hitch on the front of their truck so they can drive their boat/camper into the garage instead of backing it in.


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                I did look into a trailer dolly. Even borrowed one from a buddy to try. Problem is that my driveway slopes down and the boat is too heavy to push. If I have a person helping me I can push it a little and have them block the wheels, but I want to be able to do this independently.

                My next thought is to get a couple sheets of thick plastic, sandwich them in a couple 1'x2' plywood sheets with a little grease in the middle. It is easy to back it up onto those then get out and push it to line up.


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                  90 inch trailer and 90 inch garage door opening - with a slope. I bolted a D-ring to garage floor and attached come-a-long. I then use a web belt to go around axel witch is then hooked on to come-a-long. Saves my back! But it does take a little time.


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                    What you need are 2 side positioning dollies. Back into driveway, slide dollies around tires, step down on the levers to lift the dollies, push boat into position, back straight up. Easy, peasy, mac and cheesy as my kids would say. Im pretty sure I have seen them at harbor freight. Probably have them on amazon too.