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2014 Family Fishing Nebraska - Youth Fishing Program EVENT PHOTO's

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    2014 Family Fishing Nebraska - Youth Fishing Program EVENT PHOTO's

    Event photo's are also available from the NGPC Family Fishing Nebraska Facebook page, HERE!

    Harold F.
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    Fishing is FUN Fishing Clinic and Water Expo, Ogallala

    Pics of the Event from NGPC Boating Officer, Scott Eveland:

    Fishing is FUN

    A few "highlights":

    Weather predictions were some-what questionable, but these kids found a BEAUTIFUL Spring day for the Event!

    After some casting assistance...

    ...Kids lined up to catch the elusive Grass Fish!

    Life jackets were provided for each of the kids...

    AFTER being properly FITTED!

    Knot tying was also an important Station to visit!

    The CO's and Park Super were on hand to keep BoatCop in order.

    Kids were introduced to live fish, inclluding white bass, perch and a CARP!

    I am HAPPY to report, only the CARP didn't survive the Event! :badgrin:

    Mrs. H-F-E assisted at the casting station...

    While I spent most of the time kicking kids outa MY chair! :badgrin:

    This kid thought he was CATFISHING!

    Everyone lined up for lunch provided by the local Optimists. Hotdogs and chips and everyone's favorite each year- a ROOTBEER FLOAT!

    Even "Rover" was fed and watered! :ayes:

    And then, BACK TO THE FUN!

    After some "dry run" practice...

    ...ALL THREE of our NGPC's Boating Officers were on hand for the "wet" experience!

    ... with most staying "dry side, UP"!

    The North Platte Family Fishing Trailer was on hand,

    The Expo concluded with EVERY KID receiving their OWN FISHING ROD/REEL! Then fishers of all ages hit the shorelines for a GREAT WEATHER DAY for Fishing!

    And worms were provided!

    A big THANK YOU to Scott Eveland and the Sponsors for providing again this year an AMAZING EVENT!

    Harold F.
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      Well done to all who helped make this happen! Great thing for the kids :zbow:


        Can you pm me when you get the pictures from grand island's family fish night up. I brought my two daughters out and you got a few shots of us. Thanks.


          HERE are the GI FFN pics!

          Harold F.

          (PM SENT!)
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            KWPT, another GREAT Family/Youth Fishing Event

            Coordinated by NEFGA.ORG Member Snowgoose, this year's event was SPECTACULAR!

            Pics can be found on the NEFGA.ORG Fishing Forum HERE or on FACEBOOK.

            Harold F.
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              2014 Lake Maloney SRA Carp-O-Rama

              Pics and story can be found HERE!

              Harold F.

              Here's a "teaser":

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                Victoria Springs SRA "Fun Day" July 19, 2014 -PIC HEAVY!!

                Yes, it was a FUN DAY for ALL!

                Super Park Superintendent Russ Wilkie and his staff- Stan Osterhoudt and Dona Lewis had the Park in IMMACULATE CONDITION for the Families that attended the Event.

                First off, a Picnic at the Park from 11:00 - 1:00

                Stan and Dona manned the "prep station".

                Tables filled with Family's for the Hotdog/Chips/Pop a plenty!

                Then, the families (Kids, especially! Ha!) were patiently waiting for the Fishing Clinic:

                Hey, it's MY STORY.

                We started off by talking about being a STEWARD! Followed by introducing everyone to Mr. B's "Kids System".

                All the kids promised to be "Stewards" of our waters and land, and received a "prize package" that included a couple fishing lures, an NEFGA.ORG Beginners Corner business card, a NGPC Fish ID book, and of course a YOUTH FISHING PERMIT and a Recycled Fish trash collecting bag.

                When demonstrating the "Kids System", this young lady play-acted the WORM!

                Of course, she got a "prize" for her excellent effort!

                Half the kids then headed to the "casting station"...

                Where CYFI's Sofie and Neil Risinger (Cozad, NE) were on hand to teach and assist...

                This youngster caught over his limit...

                of GRASS FISH! Of course, he was LEGAL as he RELEASED 'EM ALL and was carrying his Youth Fishing Permit!

                While Uglymike (Cozad, NE) taught both kids and grown-ups alike...

                ... how to properly tie line to the hook.

                Once the kids completed each station, it was time to...
                GO FISH!
                Even though the Lake had just undergone a "rehab" last year, there were PLENTY of fish to be caught. No, for KIDS and a FISHING EVENT, size does NOT matter!

                Fishin' Buds!

                It was a GREAT DAY and a FUN DAY at Victoria Springs SRA!

                THANK YOU, Russ, Stanley and Dona for providing this annual Event at Victoria Springs SRA! And of course Certified Youth Fishing Instructors Uglymike, Mrs. H-F-E and the Risingers for providing a GREAT Fishing Clinic!

                Russ Wilke, "Uglymike", Dona

                Mrs. H-F-E and Uglymike

                Stanley and "Yours Truly".

                Neil and Sofie Risinger and their Mobile Fishin' Program Wagon!

                See the COMPLETE ALBUM HERE

                See Stan's EXCELLENT photo's HERE

                Harold F.
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                  Family Fishing Night- Mormon Island Lake 1

                  A GREAT TIME, and GREAT WEATHER on August 7, 2014!

                  Here are a couple hi-lights:

                  Matt is TEACHING

                  Others are "wormin' "

                  Some are discussing...

                  While most are FISHIN'!

                  And some were CATCHING!

                  And, some were Re-Tie'in!

                  For the complete ALBUM hosted on Facebook.

                  Harold F.
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                    Family Fishing Night- Ft. Kearny SRA- August 8

                    Another GREAT EVENING at Ft. Kearny!

                    Here's the STORY

                    And here's the ALBUM hosted on Facebook.

                    And, of course, a PICTURE to "perk your interest"! HA!

                    ........FISH ON!

                    Harold F.
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