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    New GOING FISHING Booklet

    Check out the NEW Going Fishing booklet from our NGPC!

    Here's a note from our NGPC Fisheries Division Manager, Don Gabelhouse:

    Times and people change. Even so, human nature compels us to do what we can to convince succeeding
    generations that they should experience things in life that were important to us, especially those things we
    enjoyed as children. To do otherwise would amount to admitting that our lives were dull and boring. We also
    wouldn’t want to take the chance that, without our advocacy, the uninitiated might miss out on something in their
    lives that they find to be important and fun!

    Today, most adults feel that kids spend too much time indoors playing games and communicating via electronic
    devices. More time spent outdoors, especially in the Great Outdoors, would surely benefit them. Given that
    activities like hunting, fishing, and camping were important to so many of us, there must be something about
    these activities that would improve the quality of life for today’s kids as well.

    The benefits of fishing are well documented. Cardiologists say fishing is a terrific way to relax, mental health
    experts say fishing makes people practice hopefulness, sociologists say fishing connects families, and dietitians
    say eating fish is good for your body. Most importantly, fishing is fun!

    What makes fishing fun varies among anglers. Some people go fishing primarily to relax, many go to enjoy the
    outdoors, others go to spend time with family and friends, and still others go to catch fi sh to eat. For me, hooking
    into a special fish, seeing my fishing rod bent-over double, and hearing line screaming off my reel are the second
    most important things I enjoy about fishing. Creating memories while fishing and sharing them with others are
    what I enjoy most about fishing.

    Regardless of the reasons you might want to start fishing, this booklet will provide you what you need to become
    a successful angler. It was developed by people who know a lot about fish and fishing and are committed to
    ensuring that Nebraskans continue to enjoy fishing (the best part of the Good Life) for generations to come. Now
    go learn how to catch that lunker and make your own memories!

    Fisheries Division Administrator

    Harold F.
    Report Fish/Game Violations:
    1-800-742-SNAP (7627)