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Basic useful ways to rig line

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  • Basic useful ways to rig line

    First off, I love that you have a dedicated section for beginners. Apologies if I have missed a post regarding this subject (I tried searching).

    I'd like to suggest/ask for pictures or drawings of different ways to rig up line and what species of fish the rig targets. My interest is for bank fishing using any live bait.

    A common problem that I run into is I seem to always rig my line up the same way every time even if fish aren't biting and I would like to try other alternatives.

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    You would have better luck googling, carp rigs or catfish rigs, or illustrated catfish or illustrated carp rigs. Same for Knots. Youtube also great for knots, equipment illustrations, repairs etc.

    illustrated carp rigs
    illustrated catfish rigs


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      I'll take a pic next time I fish live bait for you. I know I don't do it right probably, but it's how I do it because I've never really learned the exact way your supposed to, ha. Just put a hook in and hope for the best. Hope some others help you out too, good topic!
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        I found this once and thought what a great resource to show all the different ways of rigging set-ups.

        Hopefully it helps someone!