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Three Requests to Members of the Forum

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    Three Requests to Members of the Forum

    1. Of the 1,000 "duplex" business cards (Beginner's Corner on one side, NEFGA website on the other) produced by Harold and Slim, I have about 500 left. They are doing no one any good sitting on the shelf above my fly tying bench. If you have a local sporting goods store or bait shop that would put them next to the cash register, please contact me by PM with your mailing address, and I'll mail a pack of 50 to you.

    2. We now have articles in the Beginner's Corner on all 13 species I originally envisioned, but that doesn't mean those sections are "complete." We'd appreciate additional "Member Suggestions & Tips" for many of these species. Please take a look at the article on your favorite species and, if you haven't already, offer your best advice.

    3. When we first started the Beginner's Corner, what you see now is pretty much what I had in mind, only it turned out much better than I had hoped :D , thanks to the willingness of so many of you to help. I'm now out of ideas. What else does it need? How can we make it better?

    Thanks to all of you who have supported this project!
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    Yes, the BC is very cool! Thanks to all who've contributed. I think everyone should have a look around in there and maybe we can get a few of those loose ends tied up before the summer fishing season really takes off!!
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