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Ice Fishing for Beginners

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    Ice Fishing for Beginners

    While Sandbilly has promised to write the basic article -- and we can hardly expect him to make progress on it now while the power is out at his ranch -- I want to issue a call to you other hardwater fishermen to submit your tips and suggestions.

    Please bear in mind the audience for this section will be people who probably haven't done a lot of fishing of any type and who probably won't want to commit a lot of money to ice fishing until they either (A) become addicted like some of you, or (B) regain their senses. :D Try to keep your suggestions simple and affordable.
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    Hmmmmmmm. An "idea" popped into my head.

    OK, you've been warned, I shall continue...

    (If and) when there is "walkable ice" I would be happy to invite a "newbee" to participate in an ice outing.

    I'm certain there are others in the different locations of NE that would provide a similar "service".

    I guess it could be handled individually, or an organized outing by "territory" by those ice fishers that wouldn't mind introducing others to the sport.

    It would probably begin from a post like: "I'd like to try ice fishing, but I don't know ANYTHING, if anyone is in the (name location here) area, please send me a PM if you wouldn't mind showing me the ropes."

    This "idea" would probably be more successful at recruiting new ice fishers than trying to convince a "newbee" to invest in the sport!

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      Ok, I guess I'll be second on the list to add my name, I can be reached later for more info if needed, Hank.
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        Guys, I would be glad to take/gather some pictures of Ice fishing gear. I will go with basic stuff. If you want something special, let me know.
        (Hmmmm :vThinking: I wonder where my hard water stuff is.....)



          Some basics here:

          YouTube - Recycled Fish - Ice Fishing 101 [UPDATE]
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            Teeg, maybe it's just my computer, but the video link that appeared yesterday in your post isn't showing up today. :xIDunno:
            �I think every happy memory plucks a hair from your head; if you see an old bald guy, he�s probably had a great life.� �-Red Green