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    Roger, hopefully I didn't under represent how much I do appreciate what you have done and how good it actually it!

    I understand the printing issue. That is a large part of what I like about 'whacking the web' as a job. If something is wrong, get it corrected and out there, and everyone has the corrected info, no need to get new material into everyone's hands. If it does ever get printed, the hard copy will need the web address printed in multiple places and very noticable to ensure that people see it and more will check it out. But even great websites sometimes need some print advertising. . . .

    I can't wait to see what changes are in store for the site! It is great and getting better all the time!

    Oh, and I DO think this section belongs under the fishing, just higher up in the list, like above the Pond Management section. But that's just my opinion. Beyond that, once someone opens the Beginner's Corner, I still feel they should immediately see the "Table of Contents" so they can get right to the article(s). Then they can always come back and get to the ASK US and other sections as needed. . . . . .

    Don Rolfson

    "The problem with doing nothing is that it is so very hard to tell when you are done!" -- unknown

    "No grudge ever had a better nurse." -- Peace Like A River - Leif Enger


      I agree, Don. This forum seems too tucked away. I'm not sure it will solve the problem, but I'm fine with moving it up.