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Father that is new to fishing cant catch fish...

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    The mimic minnow is a great lure to try. I have very good success during the summer evenings using different soft bodied swim and jerk baits. Use a little experimenting with reel speed and rod angle to make the swim bait rise and fall through the water. Bass are finicky and tend to spit lures out immediately, sometimes you barely even feel the hit. So you need to learn to set that hook quick. From the looks of your picture, you're on to something. Congrats. Keep on fishing and having fun with it!


      Mister Twister

      I have always had good luck with 1 inch small twister tails, white in color, with 16 oz jig heads. You can catch bass to bluegills on this, very easy to use!


        Originally posted by beav View Post
        Went to Prarie View tonight and finally caught some bass!
        I tried some spinners but did not have any luck, I caught this one on a 4" black/purple senko rigged wacky style.

        Awesome job! I had a heck of time figuring out how to fish the Senko worm before I ever got it to work. I would recommend going to YouTube and typing in "How to fish using a Senko" and watch some videos. I picked up a few of their techniques, and they have worked for me!

        Always remember, it isn't an exact science... Once you learn the general technique, you'll find a way to fish it that is comfortable, suits you, and works as well!

        Whoever suggested a Mister Twister above has a good point as well! You can always catch a variety of fish on jigs and twirl tails...

        Good luck sir!!


          I did not read the replies so I may cover some of the same info again but repetition is good!
          For starters , if you do not know anyone who is a good fisherman or and experienced one think seriously about hiring a guide, tell them up front you are NOT interested in catching tons of fish but want to LEARN HOW to fish. I personally offer teaching charters and it is about learning what to look for how to rig and work lures/soft plastics, but I am not in your area and would not know where to begin, some of the guys who post on here seem to have it pegged and my guess is they would be more than happy to teach you! Remember it is about learning so alot of the rigging techniques can be taught inside (I know it is not fishing season there)!
          as for not knowing what the lure is doing, that is a simple fix, most will have instructions on how to rig and work the bait/lure, you can stand on the bank toss the lure where you can see it and work it , see how long it takes to sink, the senko types are designed to stay in the strike zone as long as possible so the idea is to work it slow with soft twitches , you need to know how deep it is where you are fishing , then try to figure out where the fish are sitting in the water colum.
          And then there is always GOOGLE!

          Hope theis helps
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            Originally posted by fearnofish View Post
            When you hold bass, hold them by the lower lip. When you hold their body like that it takes off a lot of the protective slime on the fish.
            Be careful with that. A LOT of people are now saying that 'lipping' bass is really bad for them, injuring their mouth easily. If you wet your hands before handling a fish, it helps protect the slime coating a lot.

            If you do lip a bass, you should always support its body with your other hand in some way to reduce the amount of stress to its mouth. Simply letting it hang (or even worse, propping it horizontally only by its lips) can be harmful.


              Don't be shy about going out on a Saturday and asking those who are already out for tips. First, you have kids along which can't hurt, but secondly, most fishermen are as helpful in person as they are online. Don't be afraid to ask what is working or to demonstrate any rigging, knots, etc. you may have read about but don't yet understand.