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Snagging spoon bills

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  • Snagging spoon bills

    I work with a person who went Lewis and Clark lake ( I think) and went snagging for spoonbills. He caught many he had to throw back but did catch is one that was in the slot limit. Does anyone know what kind of tackle is needed to do this?


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    Snagging is done below the lake mainly around Gavins point dam during the month of October. You'll need to apply for a snagging permit/tag through the game and parks in early July (I believe) and typically you'll get drawn for one every other year. Lots of different setups out there but a Shakespeare Ugly stick catfish rod with a good spinning reel spooled with some 80lb braid has done me well for years. You can buy the legal size hooks and weights at Captain Norms in Yankton or the Walmart up there has a good supply of hooks/weights/line this time of year too.

    If you do a search for snagging or spoonbill you should be able to find a lot more information.
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      Thank you