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Central Area Line Bin Update- May 2014

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    Central Area Line Bin Update- May 2014


    It's been a BUSY month getting the bins ready for this spring/summer season!

    Here's my Central Bin Area report:

    Cottonmill Park bin has been re-installed. It was removed last winter to update the faded sign & stickers. The wood post provided by the Kearney City Parks was re-positioned a few feet from the original location due to "SLOB's" pulling it out of the ground!

    Because of the shorter wood post, the elbow was changed from a 90* to one I had on hand with a 45* angle. A "SLOB" screen was added.

    The bin was re-installed at Victoria Springs SRA west of Broken Bow. It was pulled a year ago pending completion of ground work and the lake renovation.

    With HanktheCrank's assistance, we used a 6' four sided post (like used for road signs) and inserted it into a shorter "one size larger" post and bolted it before driving it into the ground. THANK YOU CITY OF KEARNEY PARKS for "donating" the shorter (18") post!

    This bin was also converted to a 45* elbow and a SLOB screen was attached.

    THANK YOU HANKster and Russ Wilkie, Park Super!

    Slid out to Ft. Kearny and added SLOB screens to the Lake 6 (Pier) and Lake 4 (Shower Bldg) bins.

    Did the same at North Park in Holdrege. That bin was FULL of empty bread sacks from feeding the gooses. A trash can is available right across from the Bin... Not all slobs are kids. Most feeding the gooses are older "seniors" that I have witnessed...

    Also replaced the stolen grate from the bottom of the Melham Bin in Broken Bow. PhishDr and I removed the 6-4" reducer and added a lone SLOB screen without the "notch" to the bottom of the pipe.

    A happy fishing youngster stopped by to see what was going on, and added some line!

    Slid over to North Loup and checked the bin at Davis Creek. Updated faded stickers and the sign. This is the ONLY BIN in the Central Area that has a "fixed" bottom. The bin was FULL of beer cans but also had a couple good wads of line. The trash dumpster, btw, is only a few yards away...

    Couldn't put a slob screen on as the only access until this bin is relocated or updated is from the top. Had a pair of "long sleeved" neoprene gloves in the TuRD still from ice season which worked GREAT especially when I spooked up a wasp from the nest built up in the bottom of the bin! :shock:

    I received an excellent report from Bluelund and the Johnson Lake Bin. NO trash problems!! Also at Elwood and a report posted by UglyMike at the Ft. McPherson/Maxwell bin shows the bins are "in good shape".

    I'll visit Mormon Island sometime this weekend, but the bin was in great shape in April. I s'pect the bin at Merritt is well in control by Mr. Merritt, himself!!

    Remember, it's "TIGHT LINES" when yer fishin' and all LOOSE LINES go into the NEFGA.ORG Fishing Line Recycling Bins!!


    Harold F.
    Report Fish/Game Violations:
    1-800-742-SNAP (7627)

    Nicely done! Thank you for your efforts!

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