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NEFGA Line Bin Program has a great opportunity for YOU!

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    NEFGA Line Bin Program has a great opportunity for YOU!

    You have the opportunity to sponsor and/or maintain an official "Nebraska Fish and Game Association" Fishing Line Recycling Bin.

    We would be proud to have you as part of the team that helps maintain the line bins. Your role, as a volunteer, would be to make sure our line bins are clean; in good condition; and emptied as needed. Also, we ask that volunteers share their experiences as they maintain our bins and report any issues that may need to be addressed. You can sign up HERE to be a bin volunteer.

    Would you like to sponsor a fishing line bin? We would be happy to help you reach that goal.
    The Nebraska Fish & Game Association Fishing Line Recycling Bin Program

    We R.S.V.Pall Fishing Line Recycling Bins!

    You Request a Bin
    We work together to find a Sponsor and
    then find a Bin Volunteer.
    We contact the
    Property Managers for the Permission
    to install the bin.

    - Anyone can submit a Request for a Bin.

    - A one-time TAX DEDUCTIBLE* donation of $100 to the NEFGA.ORG from a Bin Sponsor
    will provide for the cost of the Bin and installation. Sponsors are recognized on the Bin.

    - A Volunteer is found to collect the line and maintain the Bin.

    - After Permission is granted from the Property Manager of the proposed Bin location,
    a time and date is scheduled for the installation of the Bin.

    Please keep in mind that the R, S, V, and P must be complete in order for us to install the bin.

    *NEFGA is an IRS Recognized 501(C )(3) non-profit organization.
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