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The NEFGA Fishing Line Recycling Program - INFO!!

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    The NEFGA Fishing Line Recycling Program - INFO!!

    The NEFGA Fishing Line Recycling Bin Program was started in early 2008. The idea came from
    one of our members who had seen it done in other places around the country and
    thought it would be a good fit for the Nebraska Fish and Game Association.

    The program works through clubs, companies and other concerned outdoors folks sponsoring fishing line recycling bins which we then place and staff for line collection at public lakes and parks around the state.
    Canfield's, Scheels Sports in Omaha and the Crete Youth in Governance Council are a few of our original sponsors that helped get this program off the ground. In 2008, we placed 24 bins at lakes and parks.

    In the fall of 2008, we gathered up all the line collected from the bins and sent back 4 nearly
    full shipping boxes of line back to Berkley for recycling into underwater fish habit,
    which Berkley then makes available for placement in lakes to enhance the fisheries.

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    Roger (OBG) Flanders had the vision, NEFGA.ORG Past President "Catfishsteve" Wagle put the Program in action!
    Unfortunately, we lost Roger before the 100th Bin Ceremony at the place the first bin was installed-
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    Two Rivers State Recreation Area

    Harold F.
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      The Fishing Line Bins have gone through many transformations since the original couple dozen were installed beginning in 2008. The bottom had a screw in insert and a padlock was attached to keep "the plug" from walking off! The parts were GLUED with PVC glue and I promise you, that crap WORKS!
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      Old Bald Guy on a line collection mission

      Some guy named Kabob went on a terror in the Lincoln area and started installing bins "right and left" with several of his contacts providing funds for multiple bins. These bins were still glued, but the "threaded plug" was replaced with a glued bottom "cap". That glued cap eliminated the need to find the dadgum key for unlocking the plug! Another problem with the threaded plug was unscrewing it when dirt, grime, sand, beer... got into them and they just wouldn't unscrew! Kabob had another contact who DONATED a BUNCH of plug removers- sorry, no pic, but it had a handle and a 2" x 2" square opening to fit over the "plug nut"! Sometimes the post got twisted before the dadgum plug was unscrewed!
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      Kabob at Pioneer Lake

      There were a few other "modifications" over the years, but none more significant than the "prototype design" originated on the Jim Buckley Memorial Bin where the "Green Screen" was added with the hopes of limiting the amount of trash dumped into the bins. BIG REWARDS!
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      Jim's amazing Family

      That bin has a removable screen in the BOTTOM of the bin, which was first tested at Chadron State Park and Fort Robinson area bins. We have lost a few screws and wingnuts but it sure beats wrestling with that threaded plug and having to reach INSIDE to pull out the line on those capped!

      The latest change was to provide a 45* angle in place of the 90* elbow with the "Green Screen". Makes it easier to stuff in wads of line as there is a bit of "gravity assist". HA!
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      Shady Characters at the Jerry Bauer Memorial Bin at Merritt Reservoir

      The Nebraska Fish and Game Association and their Fishing Line Recycling Bin Program... More than "just talk"!

      Harold F.
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