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Lake Ogallala - Bin Damaged

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    Lake Ogallala - Bin Damaged

    The bin was laying on the ground so I grabbed it before it got stolen or removed.

    Should only need a new post.

    Click image for larger version

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    Flash04jv -
    THANK YOU for picking that bin up! Mr. B reported it down recently due to a big time storm there. Unbelievable the storm could snap that metal post, although I believe it was twisted at the bottom at one time which may have weakened it.

    If you can get it back to the NEFGA Storage Unit in Kearney (Slimdog) or let me know where you have it, we can make arrangements to have it picked up and I can both upgrade it and have it returned.

    There are a couple others at the lake that could use some attention, as well.

    The last line collector for those bins was Scott Eveland, not sure if there still is anyone else collecting line.

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      I have it at my house. I'll get it to you or Slimdog, or get it put back up when I'm in the area again.


        Well shoot, I could have got that back up for you rather than making you take it home. I've not collected line for a few years. Darrol E. took over, but I'm not sure of his status on that. I have to admit they've probably been a bit neglected.
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