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Louisville SRA and Platte River SP

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    Removed bin from Louisville SRA #2 until I get it repaired. Harold the top sign is cardboard and is ruined.

    Bin at Jenny Newman in Platte River State Park looks great. Nice location to whoever moved it.


    • Harold
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      John, PM me your MAILING address and I will send you a metal sign for that post. Unless, of course, you have one from one of the pulled bins.

      Appears the Jenny N bin has a sealed bottom cap. THANK YOU Wildernesswomen (?) for relocating that bin!

      Harold F.
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    Bin at Louisville #2 is back up. Bottom cap is a bit sticky to open yet, but hopefully the screen keeps some trash out so it won't fill as fast.

    Click image for larger version

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      EXCELLENT! Thank you, Flash!

      wildernesswomen please let me know if any of the other bins you have run into have padlocks/chains that keep the plug from being removed.

      I was told they should NOT stop them from being unscrewed, just from "walking away". IF the chains are two tight, I did locate a couple keys that will hopefully allow "us" to remove them.

      From the first report, to the completed process, just proves what I know to be true: MORE than just "talk"!

      Harold F.
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