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A long and productive day.

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    A long and productive day.

    The kids and I spent the entire day traveling around fixing and emptying line bins in the eastern part of the state.

    We started at Fremont Lakes. We emptied three bins with a little maintenance on one of them. Wound up with a grocery bag size of line and only one beer can for trash. Did a little fishing as well.

    Next we headed over to Menards in Fremont to pick up some bin parts/supplies. Also grabbed a bite to eat at the DQ...good burgers

    We headed on to Memphis Lake. We stopped at the boat ramp first. Put a screen on the top elbow and a removable screened bottom. Both parts are Harold's design. We then went on to the other end of the lake and replaced the top and bottom of the bin in the same fashion. They were previously stolen. The boat ramp bin was full of empty 12 gauge shells and a small handful of line. The other bin was empty since it was just an open tube. We did a little fishing and spent a little time at the playground.

    Then we headed over to Pawnee. Serviced all the bins there. The bin at the west boat ramp was missing a bottom and hanging upside down. We replaced the bottom and lag screwed it back on to the pole. We emptied the other bins that we found (i think we are missing one). Had about 3 grocery sacks full of line/trash. Its going to be a chore cleaning that mess out. Also, the east boat ramp bin was infested with ants. Bad thing was I didn't know until my arm was covered with them. Luckily no biters. I was finding ants on me for a good hour after. We did a little fishing there as well.

    After Pawnee we made a very quick stop to Liebers Point boat ramp, at Branched Oak, to empty that bin. It was full of line. We went to empty the bin out on the point, but couldn't find it. It was either stolen or removed. It was raining pretty good and the kids had had enough for the day, so we headed towards home.

    I had plans to hit all the bins at B.O. and Czechland, but the weather and fussy kids changed the plans for me. I will say they did pretty darn good for as much "boring" time as we had. I'll get back down that way soon. I need to hit a few more bins around Lincoln anyway.

    Sorry, Im not one to remember to take pictures when I should.
    NEFGA on Amazon Smile


    I drove right by "my" line bin today, but I had a good excuse. The wipers had me on "cloud 9", hadn't yet come back to reality yet........


      Maxwell line bin 7-11
      Big Handful, couple split shot, empty pop can


        Maxwell line bin 8-7 small handful


          8-16 small handful. Wife and I attended the WWll ceremony at Ft. McPherson Sunday morning, checked the bin on my way home. The trash hasn't been picked up in weeks, and a pile the size of my pickup is just laying there.........very unsightly. Who would I call?


            I believe the Dept of Roads in NP is the property manager of that pond.

            Report Fish/Game Violations:
            1-800-742-SNAP (7627)