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Nebraska vs. Ohio State

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    Originally posted by uglymike View Post
    Urban and THEEE o st will run up the score & we loose big, again. They haven't kicked a punt in several years vs Huskers, I don't see that trend ending Saturday. Our secondary will be embarrassed 'cause the QB will have time to take a nap back there with our non-existant pass rush.
    Nebraska 24
    THEEE 62
    Boy was I wrong! Huskers played well vs a ranked team on the road. Marked improvement on almost all aspects of the game. Special teams are still an embarrassment, we're going backwards. Lightbourne is officially in meltdown.......?????


      That's a little too harsh.

      adrenaline is a crazy drug, and I ain't holding that kick against him unless it becomes a habit.

      He'll be better for it in the long run.

      Peace and Love


        Originally posted by JKL View Post
        I think I will be satisfied to see the Huskers find the end zone a few times AND force the Bucks to punt at least once.

        NU -24
        ​​​OSU - 49

        Well...Im satisfied 😊
        my score prediction was off

        I thought they did better. Some things made me scratch my head but its good to see improvement again this week. I could see them in the playoffs in a couple of seasons.
        NEFGA on Amazon Smile

        ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ


          At least NU made the highlight reel.....for that kickoff.
          They have cometh