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    Originally posted by duckhunternate View Post

    That's the vast majority of the talk here, if I didn't know better I'd start to wonder if Frost walks on water. That being said, I think a LOT of people were a bit shocked by the start to this season. But, alas, you make the best you can with what you've got and they're starting to turn it around a little. The next two to three years will tell a lot; if he turns NE into what he did at UCF, it's going to get a bit sporty in the Big10. If not, it'll be par for the course for the last 10+ years.
    I think the biggest thing is that the Huskers have to find that "reason" that makes the best recruits WANT to come to Nebraska. Because they have been out of the minds of those recruits for basically an entire generation, I think it will take a number of years before you guys are able to garner that sort of interest.