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    Originally posted by 92proof View Post
    I’ve been looking into this a little more. I hate to say this but Frost pulled off a huge heist on the University of Nebraska. The man is a smooth talker and he will no doubt be a politician at some point, likely after 5 horrible years at Nebraska. He was a head coach for only two years. If you look at ucfs history they had great records for many years and then had one bad 0-12 season. After that is when Frosty came in.

    He went 6-7 and then 13-0. He had one good season with an already good team in a weak conference. He has very little history as a head coach and you guys foolishly gave him millions and begged him to come coach your awful team cause it’s what the delusional fans wanted. This is gonna get really ugly for Husker nation.
    Yes, Scott Frost is very much the politician-type. Yes, only a head coach for two years. Those other years of experience as a grad assistant, offensive coordinator, etc mean absolutely nothing.

    Coach Frost is doing things the right way. The wins will come. The conference championships may come. But the bigger picture is he's coaching the character of the team up. Something that Pelini didn't have a clue about, something that Riley couldn't coach (low expectations and character don't go together).

    WHY do we have some leave? They were used to the easy way, didn't want to work for their spots, and when they did and weren't "the guy", they bailed on their brothers. Best of luck somewhere else, but you don't want bad apples in your locker room.
    Fishing trips aren't measured in pounds and inches; they're measured in smiles, laughter, and memories with friends and family.


      Lol of the week for Nebraska. Dead last in college football in penalties. #130


        You know you’ve achieved mediocrity when you celebrate a 1-6 record. Lol