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    I really have no words after that crap without writing a half a book. Riley and Langsdorf do not understand the game of football. The play calling in overtime sums up everything they understand. QB is on a record setting pace for interceptions so you throw for the back of the endzone on the first play of OT? Possibly the last play of the game, and all of your pass routes are short of the 1st down? That's what happens when you hire a coach whose only success came in the CFL. Thank God, deer season starts on Saturday and I can ignore the next two games.


      I'm disappointed in the outcome but I have a different view of the game. My boys and I were there so got to see it in person. Northwestern is a pretty good football team... and we should have beat them. I felt like the majority of our players gave their all. The crowd was really into it as well- It was a fun game to be at. Tanner had a bad day... if he was on point I believe we would have won by 2-3 scores. Keep in mind, this is the same Northwestern team that has beaten some pretty good football teams this year. Iowa and Michigan State who each just beat Ohio State and Penn State to name a couple. I'm in no way saying we should or shouldn't make a coaching change, or that we should be satisfied losing. I am simply saying that some of the comments on the whole team quitting are ridiculous. Most of those boys are still fighting hard... GBR


        If northwestern's qb would of kept the ball most of the time instead of handing it off, he would of broke qb rushing records cause nobody was even close to covering him running the ball and they would of won by much much more.
        They have cometh


          I was at the game Saturday and seeing things in person was a little different than seeing it on TV. Our offense is very close from being really good. There were sometimes on Saturday where they had things open or plays were really close from breaking it for a big one. giving a team like Northwestern a short field that many times is just not going to go well. Again, our offensive line limits the success of the offense overall. We have really good skill players but the running backs need holes to run through and the quarterback and receivers need time to be able to get the ball from one place to the other.

          Defensively it was a struggle. on their read-option plays I don't think it was a read-option because the quarterback could have tucked it and ran at least half the time and gained big yards. There were several potential touchdowns that Northwestern Either dropped or were overthrown.

          I've been a supporter of Riley since he came here. I didn't like pelini's demeanor on the sideline or the direction that program was going. That being said, the most telling thing that I saw on Saturday was The Tunnel Walk. I was at field level very near to the entrance from the tunnel. I think I was more excited for the game to start then the players were. Hearing the music as soon as that started I got goosebumps, I got chills, I was ready to run through a wall. They showed video of the players reciting the Husker, zero motion when they got done. Then they calmly walked out of the tunnel and some of the guys jogged out early, the whole team didn't even come out at the same time for The Tunnel Walk.

          it seems to me that the special Husker traditions are nothing more than a formality to some of these kids. I remember reading about in the past of guys being emotional when they received their black shirt and now we have 16 guys with a black shirt. The Tunnel Walk, I remember being a little seeing clips of guys in the mid-90s coming out of the out of the tunnel and they looked like there was something wrong with them, they're jumping around they're yelling and screaming they're all jacked up to go smack somebody.

          during Saturday's warm-up a lot of the players had more emotion and least moving around in between plays simply dancing to the music they had playing. I don't know, it just doesn't seem like a lot of the guys are even excited to just be on the field.
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