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2017 MLB season

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    Gloat much Harold? Thats ok I knew it was coming, somebody has to. Going to cut this reponse short I'm off to a Second Guessers Anonymous clinic hosted by D Roberts with speakers C Kershaw and A Wood. Let the debate begin! YU did suck in the WS strangely he had been lights out for the Dodgers before that! Timing Doc? Not too mention the holes in Bellingers swing, did he just strike out again, and Turner picking a bad time to hit .100-something. Alas unlike the sCrubs we won't wait 118 years or 29 for that matter, we'll be back.


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      I don't gloat. I DO point out reasons one should not count their trophies before they are won, however!

      Yankee Manager available, might wanna grab him before someone else does. After all, it WAS a former Yankee Manager that took the dogs from the no-way to the say hey!


    The Dodgers are becoming the wait til next year team. Great World Series though. Now waiting for spring training.
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