So, my wife granted my wish for a new gun safe this weekend for my birthday. I've been looking at a couple of Brownings with a minimum of 30 long gun storage...knowing you won't get that many guns actually in there. BUT she tossed around the idea of utilizing a closet under one of our stairs and turning it into a Gun Closet so to speak. None of my firearms are out of the normal when it comes to value or sentiment. So, they're covered in case of a natural disaster, fire or theft through our insurance. Just tossing the pros/cons from any of you that may have converted a room or closet into a gun storage space. Thinking Steel Door with combination lock. And, then build my shelving needs. Should it still have the walls converted to say 3/4" wood panels, heavier drywall and insulation to slow the thief and/or the fire? The closet as it is now is roughly 40" wide and 84" Deep, but the stairs cause it to get shorter towards the back...from about 8' to down to the floor.

One concern is storage of ammunition under the stairs. We have two sets of stairs from the upper level. So, there is still an exit. Then again all I do now is store it in the garage or in our walk-in closet now alongside my metal gun cabinet. At least by it being inside, we'll still have the temperature/humidity control that I wouldn't by placing a safe in the garage or paying a moving company to place a heavy safe upstairs.