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Anyone here old enough???

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    Anyone here old enough???

    To remember these small old glass Pepsi bottles. Found this one washed up on the bank after the thaw.
    Click image for larger version

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    Unfortunately I do remember those lol. That's been a few days.


      The snickers wrapper that was inside of it never changed much but I could tell it was old too. I faintly remember these bottles. I figure Harold would even remember the ones before these. πŸ˜‚


        Originally posted by cougarw View Post
        The snickers wrapper that was inside of it never changed much but I could tell it was old too. I faintly remember these bottles. I figure Harold would even remember the ones before these. πŸ˜‚
        Funny guy.

        Born and raised a Pepsi guy. Back in the day, it was a PRIZE to get a Pepsi! In the late 50's whoever saw a pheasant in the ditch got a Pepsi! Growing up we NEVER had "cartons of pop" in the fridge. One of the first things I bought when I got my first apartment was food for the fridge and a SIX PACK OF PEPSI!

        I even have an aluminum can from a trip to Northern Manitoba of Wild Cherry Pepsi! Test market, never sold in USA. Soon came out with "Slice" line.

        All that said, I have NEVER seen a "grenade bottle" Pepsi! GREAT FIND! I s'spect there might be some value there... It IS possible they were bottled and sold only in the Sioux City area... (big bottling company there?).

        Or, maybe they were hiding them from me afraid I might use them to whack signs while driving down the roads...


        HarOLD F.
        Cougar, if there was a MARS wrapper inside, it MIGHT have been mine and I've just plain fergot aboudit!
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          Well since I’m not that far from sewer city it might have came from there. I’ll have to do some checking.
          Harold, I haven’t seen a mars bar in yrs. used to be my favorite.


            On the farm we got one bottle of pop a week on Saturday. I think the people I was leased to were not Pepsi people. As I remember it was Dads root beer. One of the things that I decided when I was able to pay for my own stuff was that I would have a soda pop any time I wanted to have one.
            Keep t safe! JDL


              The old Mars Bars were renamed to Snickers Almond Bars with a "slight" recipe change. "Hollywood Candy" in Omaha sells the English version, but I believe its slightly darker chocolate. However, you can order the original U.S. recipe, from the 1930s, at Ethel M Chocolates. They will deliver or you can go to Vegas and buy from the store.

              I didnt get my good looks without knowing a thing or two about Mars bars 😊
              NEFGA on Amazon Smile

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              • cougarw
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                Wow, either you have stock in the company or you have one really weird obsession with mars bars to know that much about them πŸ™„

              • JKL
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                Hahaha. Actually I just got lucky. I do love Mars bars though.

                The family and I were walking around the old market in Omaha and stumbled across Hollywood Candy. Also, stumbled across the Ethel M store in the Vegas airport. Tried their original Mars bar and it was good. I bought a couple more. They told me they deliver anywhere in the US and have a website to order fromπŸ‘πŸ‘ I havent done it yet.

              I recall the Pepsi glass bottles in the early 1980's like to one shown in the photo. I'd get one at the Hinky Dinky in Columbus out of the machine outside after midget football practice as I'd ride my bike home. They had a styrafoam type label on them, not paper, that you could peel off. I think they used it to cushion the bottles so they would not break as easily. I also remember the soda from Holiday Gas Stations before they had a pop top and you needed a can opener to get into them. That is what my dad would throw into the cooler with his PBR or Fallstaff when we would go fishing.


                It has a screw cap, so it's not as old as I am. I don't remember little Pepsi bombers like that though. The tall 16 oz. bottles with a corkscrew twist to the glass, and needed an opener defined my childhood. We were three kids and there were eight bottles in the pack. Only one pack a week, and as the oldest (and they were twins) I only got two for their three.
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