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    EHD in Pa

    Just as an informational item I thought that I would add some notes on EHD. Has it been detected anywhere in NE this year. I am from Pa. Here in Pa we have been hit with a massive epidemic in SW Pa. There have literally been 1000's of deer killed from EHD. It has affected 4 or 5 counties. In one county around Pgh. it has been so bad that you can track dead deer by smell alone. The Pa Game folks say it won't end until a frost kills of the bugs causing it. This in addition to 3 areas of the state with CWD is making deer hunting very iffy these days.

    There's always some around the state but I haven't heard about it much this year. It usually strikes in July/August and maybe early September but is gone after the first hard frost kills the midges that carry it.

    It's more prevalent during dry years and this year has been pretty wet in NE. The year like you described was NE in 2012; dead deer all over the place and I think it was estimated that about a third of the deer herd may have died, higher in some areas. In fact it seems like just in the last two years the herd has recovered in most of the state from that drop.

    We have CWD too, mostly in the west, but occasionally in the east too, so we feel your pain. There's never a lot of hullabaloo about CWD here for some reason. I lived in WI until 2009 during the time that CWD was found there, it was a panic there for a while, but here I never hear too much about it.

    Good luck and good hunting.