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    Pictures Full Boat Restoration

    I have had my boat down for about a month now. I worked on it all winter long and into the spring. I spent hundreds of hours on it and this is how the process looked.

    The original boat

    The start after windshield and front seat gone and rear seats.

    old vinyl graphics gone carpet gone, lots of grinding and sanding.

    Half of the wall rhino lined.

    This was after i decided to replace the whole floor, I knew it was water tight, so I wasnt concerned much about resealing anything below the foam.

    Carpeted after installed 3/4" marine ply.

    The final boat for the most part.

    Lights 2- 8k lumen HID ?with internal ballasts and 2 HO LED corners. Daylight on the water!

    Sanded and ground outside and inside of boat, all etch primed, prepped, and painted. Added a 90 hp merc. New marine carpet and 3/4" ply. Custom built the console in my mind lol. Console tilts up and battery stores underneath it. I removed old transom, traced it and rebuilt new transom with a metal backing support for my bigger motor to be safe. All of my boat wiring is soldered with heat shrink and nylon wrap coated. Took the Bimini, motor, and windshield off my other boat i bought for $1,000, then took all that off and sold it for $900. I hooked up 2 usb and plug outlets one in the back and one on the console, custom built 2x2 aluminum back rod rack, 8 duo drift master rod holders, 3 courtesy lights facing the floor, tablet mount up front and in rear for movies after hours. Had my technician weld up that light mount bar from my design after i cut the metal for it. Installed all new steering and throttle cables, along with steering wheel. I started building this boat not sure how it would turn out, especially the weight distribution. I get 42 mph out of it loaded with 2 guys. I am running a 24 pitch prop. One battery will run those headlights for 3 full nights of fishing along with the electronics and charging. I plan on selling this boat after next year for a jet. I can run safely in 1.5 ft of water. Wide open I can run 1ft relatively safely. I'm sure there is much more i forgot but its a fun boat!
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    Looks good! Nice work.
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    I'm really not that good, my lakes are better than yours.


      Great looking restoration project. It sure is rewarding getting it out on the water the first time after you put so much work into them. Then on the ride back you start planning what you will do differently on the next one. My wife hates my projects.


        Nice job!
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          Any idea $$$ wise how much you had into the remodel?
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            How do you like those HID lights? I've thought about getting them for my vehicle before but never have/did. They also have come down in price a lot too which is nice!!



              That looks amazing! Great job, I think it looks better than new.


                Nice and open floor but where does your buddy sit?
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