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Curing elk hide?

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  • shb
    I save deer tails, all I do is skin, scrape, stretch out, and staple to a sheet of plywood/oxboard. Once on the board I coat liberally with borax.

    I take them off the board in the spring when I'm cleaning up the garage. They seem to smell less than the commercial tails I've bought. Haven't had any issues with bugs or spoilage yet.

    if yours has been scraped and salted I imagine its as good to go as its going to get.

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    started a topic Question: Curing elk hide?

    Curing elk hide?

    I was given some uncured elk hide, fur intact, which I hope to use for tying flies. It has been well scraped and salted and is hard as a brick. What is my next step to cure and soften the hide so I can store it? Thanks in advance. John