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1959 Duracraft - Restoration/Conversion Project

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    Originally posted by TROUTMAN View Post
    Be careful what brand of bedliner you use. There is a big quality difference between what Linex or Rhino Liner sprays and what you can buy from local jobbers. Adhesion and durability are the big deal and if it starts to peel it's game over. Where it sticks it really sticks and where it doesn't??? It will add a lot of weight to your boat as well. Just sayin'.
    Overall I'm looking at between 50-70 pounds of weight added by coating the inside of the boat depending on how heavy of a coat I apply.

    Also, I didn't get much accomplished this weekend in terms of the boat, but I did get the garage cleaned out for the winter! I also measured out the dimensions of the temporary spray booth that I'm building for when it comes time to paint up the boat .