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Any Blacksmithing Enthusiasts?

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    Any Blacksmithing Enthusiasts?

    I've been working on acquiring more of a shop as a way to encourage my blacksmithing hobby (okay, obsession). I've never been much of a handyman but the more I work with metal the more I love it. With little spare time over the last year or two to work on it my end results are limited, however, I was able to pick up a coal forge at an auction over the weekend and this has a lot of potential to shift things into high gear.

    I have a blacksmith living near me that has been helping me through it, teaching me the techniques, and with the ability to also practice at home I'm really excited to see where the next year or two go with this incredible pursuit.

    So far I've made decorative hooks, decorative leaf work, and a wand for my Harry Potter enthusiast daughter. :D With a high caliber knife maker also living nearby I hope to expand in the next year into blades in general, and even possibly Damascus blades.

    I'm just wondering if there are any others out there with similar interests.

    Have a good day! May your forges burn bright and your hammers find their mark.

    I've been looking into building a propane forge on and off for about a year now. Would like to get into it more, but with kids,sports etc. I don't really have the time to dedicate to it like I want.


      I'm with you there. The guy teaching me only lives seven miles away and yet I only get over there every few months on average because of busy home life. That's also why I'm excited for the forge at home. Gives me fewer excuses for not getting some smithing done.

      My mentor also said that when he started in '85, his kids were small and he didn't spend much time learning the trade, until after his kids got older and he had more time.


        I have been a fabricator/welder for about 7 years now. I have a similar passion for manipulating iron. The art of blacksmithing has always intrigued me and someday I would love to be able forge Damascus blades. However I’ve not had a chance to try. Sounds like you have an opportunity to be mentored by an old pro. Take advantage and show us some photos along the way.


          I forge a couple knives a year for friends and family. Kept this one for myself. Skinned and processed two deer this fall and still shaved arm hair. Hopefully will be able to sell a few for a little extra income when retired.


            Hopefully will be able to sell a few for a little extra income when retired.[/QUOTE]

            Can you make a Bowie knife with a sharp hook on top large enough to cut turtle heads off with ease? If you can I might be interested in a purchase.

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