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    Originally posted by Wirenut View Post
    Well, the 'tooner is back together and a quick coat of paint. Still need to do the inside, but wanted to fish.
    Decking worked nice, but is a little slick.
    I also took the side doors out, reducing the cabin area by 2'; but made the front deck bigger for fishing! :2thumbsup:
    Looks very nice!!!:2thumbsup: Now when are you going to take me fishing?:aawhistling:


      Toon looks real good, I'll give it several days of testing later this summer.:D


        Looks great! :vThumbsUp:
        I love my float tube, but it does lack space for a big cooler. :D
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          NICE! :2thumbsup:

          I like those little pontoons. If only I had a MUCH bigger garage.
          There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it!


            This a cool thread. I have been building a pontoon boat for awhile now and love all the ideas on here. I was thinking about using the composite decking myself. My only worries were that it was going to be too heavy, and I questioned how far apart the braces would need to be.

            Here's how I've approached my project: (I will post some pics soon). I have a welded a frame 6 x 10 foot for the platform. My side walls are 24 inches tall and out of plywood. My pontoons are made from foam. I am fiberglassing my pontoons and side walls for the boat. I bought a ski boat trailer that is just over 6 ft between the wells so the boat can sit nice and low to the ground. I am ready to fiberglass now. It is a fun project barring enough time/money!