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Norfolk Ducks Unlimited Banquet

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    Norfolk Ducks Unlimited Banquet

    My uncle has a few extra tickets if anyone is looking at going. Should be the biggest banquet ever. It will be at the new Divots conference center. Ill be donating some items for the raffle and I hope to see you guys there.

    Event Details: Norfolk Area Banquet
    When: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 6:00 p.m.
    Event Type: Banquet
    Location: Divots Convention Center - Norfolk

    for tickets call Tom Hanna at 402-640-8313


    For the benefit of some folks who may have never gone to a DU banguet;

    What are some of the kinds of things that are typically
    auctioned off at the DU banquet up there?

    These are really nice events. You meet lot's of nice folks, get a good meal and a chance to win some pretty neat stuff sometimes!

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      I know that over the years for the auction part of it there are DU prints and scupltures and usually a couple guided hunts as well.

      There general raffle is where its at. I know alot of times they give out more than 10 different guns during the evening.

      They also have a dinner gun that is usually worth over $1000.

      Hope to see some of you there.


        A lot of awesome guns being given away I am told. Ill be there look me up.

        Im thinking ive got to get on the ball and do something with this club. They have no mentor hunts or clean up days that they do. Heck I want to take a kid out on youth weekend and cant ever find any. A no expense guided hunt for a youth on that weekend and nobody will take me up on it.


          How was the banquet? Anybody win anything? Thanks to everyone who went and donated some money to a good cause.
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            I was one number off of the $800 Franchi semi auto 3.5", blind, decoys, and call package.

            I came out with some nice things.

            6 free sub sandwiches

            $15 to GNC

            $5 to Nebraska Sports

            Gun Case

            4 bags of dog food

            $44 Gerber knife

            Lots of cool stuff

            Matteo got a aluminum dog box for $200 at a steal on the auction block.

            Good times.

            Saw lots of people I know there. Was fun.


              Sounds like you made out like a bandit, Ty. Well done. Those banquets are always a ton of fun. I need to start going again.