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    Bow hunting setups

    Whats everyone have for a bowhunting setup? I have:
    1. Two bows a PSE Baby G set up for aluminum arrows 60# draw 30" draw length, and a Fred Bear Instinct 62# draw 29" draw length (sweet setup) setup for carbon arrows.
    2. XX75 2117 arrows for the PSE and Carbon Supremes 250 for the Fred Bear.
    3. WASP four blade broadheads 100gr.
    4. Lone Wolf Alfa Hang On tree stand with four climbing sticks, Summit Bushmaster climbing stand, and a Baby Kong Gorrilla hang on. Ameristep outhouse ground blind.
    5. Realtree Hardwoods HD camo in variouse styled garments. :zbowhunti ..jim

    I shoot a Hoyt Vipertec 27.5" Draw at 65lbs. I shot 74lbs last year but decided to crank it done a little this year.
    Trophy Ridge Matrix 5 Pin sight
    Trophy Ridge Drop Zone rest
    Hoyt 6 arrow detachable quiver
    100 grain montec broadheads
    Beman ICS Hunter 400 arrows
    S-Coil Stabilizer

    For stands i have several cheap ladders, rivers edge hang ons and sticks, carbon venture blind with safari kit and a lone wolf alpha hand climber

    How do you like the lone wolf hangons and sticks? They seem like they would be really nice and light weight, but are a little pricey also. I could see it being nice if you had to pack your stand in and out everyday.


      Browning Backdraft (30" draw @ 60#)
      TruGlo Extreme sight
      Whisker Biscuit
      Simms Stabilizer
      String Loop
      Cobra Release
      31" Gold Tip Expedition Shafts
      2" Blazer Vanes
      100 Gr. Muzzy 3-Blade

      Thought about getting a Matthews or Hoyt this year but didn't get around to it and holy mackeral, they want alot of $$$ for those things.. Then again, I gave about $500 for the bow I have now about 7 years ago..


        PSE FireLite 29" Draw & 70#'s.
        Whisker Biscuit
        GT Carbon Fibers tipped with 100Gr 3Blade Muzzy's

        Cheap ladder stand and a Mountain View climber.

        Depends but I'm more and more impressed with the versatility of the Nat Gear. That bull elk was not 20 yds from me as I sat on the ground and never picked me out. I also wore the Nat Gear the last couple years I lived in Illinois while stand hunting deer, and also had good luck with it there.


          Fred bear vapor 300 bow its a 2 year old bow but still does the trick
          70# draw weight
          trophy ridge site 5 pin
          carbon express maxima arrows
          100 grain muzzy 4 blade broadheads

          I actually have a lot of tree stands I prefer hang ons because I sit fairly high in the trees when I deer hunt. I have two gorilla ladder stands,API hang on ,big game hang on, lone wolf hang on,and I only use those on my private hunting land. Then I use a cheap ladder stand on public land SO if someone gets sticky fingers its not the end of the world,and I also have a dB pop up blind.

          The camo I just switched to this year is the scentblocker 3d leaf suit,and SO far I haven't been busted yet. I know a lot of people are against the scentblocker and scentlok clothing,but I thought I would give it a whirl.

          Good hunting


            Hoyt RinTec
            #45 pound draw
            dont know draw lenght off hand
            tru-glo 3 pin sigts
            N.A.P drop away rest
            tru ball release
            easton aluminum arrows 2013
            N.A.P Thunderhead broadheads
            Is it duck season yet?

            "Look, a pair of singles!"


              Kohanna Flatbow 50#@28"
              Beman Max-4 400, 29.5" w/5" feathers
              Shooting off the shelf
              150gr Steel Force or Razorcap broadheads
              Leather glove, 3-finger release
              3-d camo, and hunt on the ground or still-hunt/stalk Michigan Whitetail, rabbit, squirrel, etc

              Deer the other Red Meat!!
              Deer the other Red Meat!!!


                I love the Lone wolf set up. You are right they are kind of pricey but well worth the money. I was a firm believer in climbers until I tried the sticks and hang on now I believe they are the ultimate in mobility which I am an advocate of. There is just about no tree that cant be utilized with the Lone Wolf system, I have four climbing sticks, that extra stick gets me up another 4 or 5 feet closer to the canopy. I bought the set up at Scheels I think the Alpha hang on and four sticks ran about 360 dollars.....jim:zbowhunti


                  I to am new to archery this year!
                  This is what I started with.
                  Bow...Hoyt 2001 MT Sport
                  draw...30 1/2 wloop and release
                  arrows...cabelas carbon stalker extreme
                  sight...5 pin dusk devil
                  Blind...ameristep 6x6 pop up advantage camo
                  Take a kid fishing , give back what somebody gave to you!


                    mathews legacy
                    trophy ridge sights (3 pin and 5 pin)
                    rip tide rest
                    beman ISC hunter shafts, blazer vanes
                    muzzy or G5 100 gr bheads
                    I use a couple of the original loggy bayou hang ons, also use a doghouse blind.
                    I'm not too picky on camo mostly try to stay functional but lean towards a lot of mossy oak "whatever" did pick up some of the new Xscent stuff to try out, no opinion on it yet
                    hope everyone has good hunting

                    I'd rather be fishing for reds......


                      I have a '06 Reflex (hoyt) Timberwolf @ 67 lbs. and 28.5" draw
                      Whisker Biscuit
                      VBG Angle Triangle Sight
                      Beman ICS Hunter Shafts/duravanes
                      100 Grain Magnus Stinger Buzzcuts
                      !00 Grain Montec
                      Cobra Release
                      Tru-Glo Stabalizer
                      Alpine Soft Lok Quiver

                      I have the actually Chronograph Speed at 275 FPS with a 365 Grain Arrow at 28.5" draw set at 67lbs.
                      It's amazing all the different setups everyone has.

                      Fall Harvest:
                      2 Whitetails
                      1 Turkey
                      1 Elk
                      1 Antelope

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                        I'm a dinosaur, but it works!!!

                        PSE mach flite 4
                        cabelas carbon extreme arrows
                        cabelas laser strike mech. broadheads
                        summit climber, 2 rivers edge ladder stands
                        bugtamer camo. forget the scent I just want to survive the mosquitos.

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                          Dang, are these posts even in English.....?

                          I can't understand anything you guys are talking about.

                          Obviously, I know nothing about bow hunting and there is a lot more to it than I realized.

                          I am planning on getting into this bowhunting next year (I've only hunted with rifle and black powder for deer) Can anyone suggest a brand or type of bow for the beginner? Very general question I know and I realize there are lots of things to consider. Just looking for an idea- then I'll go talk to someone at Scheels or Cabelas. But nothing real fancy or expensive as I can always upgrade down the road. I think I can get the girlfriend to get me one for Christmas- hopefully anyway!



                            06 Hoyt Powertec 65lbs, 28.5" draw
                            Toxonics single pin sight
                            trophy taker fall away rest
                            D-loop with Scott release
                            340 gr. easton ST Epic arrows
                            85 gr thunderhead broadheads
                            white blazer vanes, with white wraps
                            Vibracheck Stabilizer


                              My advice is to go to a good archery pro shop and get there input. Full Draw is good, Scheels always gives good customer service and advice and the last time I was at Bass Pro Shop I was treated like royalty. :zbowhunti.........JIM