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Dog GoPro Mount for Hunting Season

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    Pictures Dog GoPro Mount for Hunting Season

    I did a lot of video last year during the hunting season with my GoPro. As I was just starting to get ready for this season, GoPro came out with a new mount you can strap on your dog. I know there are some homemade mounts and other brands but this was the first from GoPro. I didn't get much time last night but grabbed the dog and ran to a local lake to do a couple retrieves. Hopefully get to try it out this weekend on some teal!

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    Don't watch this if you drank too much last night M_S_puke:

    Just kidding, very cool video...may have to entertain getting me one of those...


      Very cool. Brought a smile to my face. Face didn't break either! The face, smiles still going! :xImNumber1:

      Thanks Charlie
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